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Hour of Code 2017


  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. No talking while the teacher is talking or talking back to the teacher.
  3. Keep hands, feet, arms, and property to yourself. (No playing in the classroom or flying objects.)
  4. Attend to personal needs before coming to class.  (Restroom at breaks, getting pens & pencils prior to class.)
  5. This is a food, drink and gum -free classroom.
  6. Come to class prepared with your materials.
  7. Be in your assigned seat and ready to start the period when the bell rings.  Students will be marked Tardy and need an office pass after the bell.
  8. Use academic language and speak appropriately to adults and peers at all times. (No profanity, bullying, verbal abuse/ threats)
  9. Raise your hand if you have a question or wish to leave your seat for any reason.
  10. Follow the Adams Middle School dress code.
  11. Line up quietly in the morning, during passing periods/lunch, and during evacuations (assemblies, fire drills, etc.)
  12. Progress Infinite Campus need to be checked by a parent every week. 
  13. Students will put full name on all papers.