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Agenda & HW (ELA and ELA Honors)


Nov. 5th-9th Regular Week Schedule 


Nov. 5th Stack Day

Into to the new Pilot Program (studysync)

Read Article on Michael Phelps and respond


Nov. 6 (4.6) and 7th (1,3,5)


First Read of Barrio Boy

Leaning to Annotate

Answer questions and discuss the story

Skills: Central/Main Idea

HW-Finish questions not finished in class


Nov. 8th (4,6) and 9th (1,3,5)


Close Read of Barrio Boy

New Vocabulary

Reading Response

Look at articles related to Barrio Boy theme

HW- Finish "Blast Question" and respond to classmate (if program is set up.)



October 29 (stack) 

Journal question

Looking at Art of the Middle Ages (Giotto painting)

Analyzing Art  (Giotto) 

Discussing Art  (Giotto)

(Refer to Google Classroom for slide show and homework)


October 30th (Stack)

Turn in homework

Explore more of Giotto

Epitaph (Said is Dead)


October 31st NO SCHOOL

November 1st  (2,4,6)  November 2nd (1,3,5)

Read "Wife of Bath" from The Canterbury Tales 

Do a one pager including summary and central idea, journal entry, figurative language, beginning


 October 8 (1,3,5) October 9 (4,6)


Pass back Castle Diary test 

Go over prologue assignment (homework)

Lesson 9 meet the characters of The Canterbury Tales

New vocabulary "characterization"

Lesson 9 Narrative Elements (found on Google Classroom.)

Pass out vocabulary study guide (also found on Google Classroom)

HW Copy Narrative Elements into your interactive notebooks

Answer questions about plot/setting and characters (Found in Google Classroom.)


October 10 and 11th

Wed (1-3-5) (ASB assembly during adv.) Thurs (2-4-6)

  • Lesson 9 - Prologue audio and image; notice and wonder (10)
  • Lesson 9 - vocabulary word redundant (5)
  • Lesson 9 - handout 9B (or I will make a google doc of this) (Minich) (10)
  • Lesson 9- edit your partner’s work for redundant modifiers (Minich)  (10)
  • Lesson 10- vocabulary Chivalry deep dive  (15)
  • Lesson 10- Handout 10A work in pairs/teams (10)
  • Lesson 10-Response Journal:  What have you noticed about the knight? What story will he tell? (10)
  • Lesson 10-read Knight’s Tale twice (once monotone then dramatic) discuss “Elements of Fluency” and make a chart in notebooks.(15)
  • Finish reading The Knight’s Tale (independently) (Minich) Aloud (Medina)

HW- Handout 10B fluency

Study for Vocabulary Test 10/12

Write a summary of The Knight’s Tale

(Honors will also write a summary of prologue)

Due: 2-4-6 on Fri. 10/12

Due: 1-3-5 on Fri. 10/12


October 12th (stack Day)


Review Homework

Timeline of Knight's Tale

Vocabulary Test 



Reread Knight's Tale... quiz on Monday


Oct. 1-Oct. 5


Monday- All Classes


Grade check

Homework check

Looking at sensory language

HW: Handout with two writing prompts (Identity of Tobias and Identity of Poacher)


Tues (4, 6) /Wed (1, 3, 5)


Turn in grade check form

Journal as the Poacher

Socratic Seminar

HW: Test Practice Create a Journal Entry in the First Person use Sensory Langugage


Thurs (4, 6) /Fri (1,3,5)


Lesson 8 Deep Dive Vocabulary


Lesson 8 Land/Wrap

HW: Finish Land Wrap if not done in class



September 24-28


Monday- All classes

Discuss reading from Castle Diary

Begin reading journal entries March 19th-August 7th from Castle Diary

Exit ticket answer questions about what you have read. 



-Pass back 3-2-1 worksheet and discuss how to write a complete sentence.

-Chart of characters from Castle Diary

-Speaking goals and learning how to do a fishbowl discussion

-Fishbowl discussion 

-Assessment #1 

-HW Read journal entries August 24th-Dec. 28th 



Review reading

New vocabulary for lesson 5

Create a timeline of major events from Aug. 24-Dec. 28th

Discussion about the importance of point of view

vocabulary deep dive for lesson 6

Discussing the role of the poacher

HW handout about the Poacher's point of view




September 17-September 21



Monday (1,3,5) Tuesday (2,4,6)


-Turn in hw

-sign up to check out your book from overdrive

-Lesson Three looking at Castle Diary

-Notice and Wonder Chart (the book cover)

-Notice and Wonder Chart (first diary entry)

-Writing our own figurative language

-Complete first two stanzas of the poem (refer to the handout)


HW- Complete "Notice and Wonder" chart for Castle Diary pages 8-20 (or diary entry Jan. 23rd. pages are sometimes different depending on computer you are using.) 

Also, Finish poem if not completed in class.


Wednesday no school


Thursday (1/2 day) Friday (full day)


-Notice and Wonder Chart for character and setting pages 20-29

 -identity web for Tobis's Identity

-Recognize precise and concise writing

-Notice and Wonder for character and setting up until diary entry March 20th


** HW Finish Notice and Wonder chart up until Diary entry March 20th







 September 11-September 14th


Class Agenda For Tues. (2,4,6) Wed. (1,3,5)

-Check Homework

-Lesson 2- Frayer Model review (Hierarchy)

-Vocab word- Medieval

-Read the article "The Middle Ages-The Medieval Years"

-Respond to the article in our interactive journals

-Do bullets and boxes worksheet

-write summary of the article

HW Finish worksheet and summary if not already finished in class.


Class Agenda for Thur. and Fri.

-Check on homework

-Read articles in packet

-Group exercise (understanding what you have read)

-Begin content framing question


September 3- September 7


Class Agenda For Tues. (2,4,6) Wed. (1,3,5)

-Interactive Notebook set up

-Page 26, Identity Poem

-Identity Web 

HW: Finish Identity Web Due Thurs. (2,4,6) Due Fri. (1,3,5)


Class Agenda for Thursday and Friday 


-Review identity web 

-Page 31-33 Figurative Language vocabulary 

-Page 28-29 Notice and Wonder figurative language 

-Revisit identity web and revise and turn in

-Page 44-47 vocab deep dive

-If time, read Lesson 2 readings and annotate

HW: Finish vocabulary deep dive, due Tues/Wed



August 29 - August 31


Wed (1-6)

  • Attendance (seating chart)
    • Name tents
  • Introduction
  • Google Classroom codes (post on board)
  • First Day Stations (9 min each)
    • Station 1: Syllabus & Scavenger Hunt (group)
    • Station 2: Meet the Teacher
    • Station 3: Class Expectations (group)
  • Review Scavenger Hunt answers with students (students keep)

HW: Get supplies & review syllabus


Thurs (2-4-6) / Fri (1-3-5)

  • Seating chart
  • Q’s about Syllabus
  • Expectations Slideshow
  • Team Jobs
  • Team talk: What Would You Do? Cards
  • Kahoot on Expectations
  • Fingerprint Poem Activity

HW: Signed syllabus due next Thur/Fri Sept 6/7