Weekly Agenda 1/8-12

Monday/Tuesday, 1/8-9
1. Turn in Open Mind
2. Recurring Themes: American Dream Quiz
3. Tolerance Unit Notice - Take home to adults
4. Tolerance Terms study guide and study tool
5. Journal #2
HW: - Return signed Tolerance Unit Notice
- Tolerance Terms study tool due Tuesday, 1/16
- Tolerance Terms Quiz Friday, 1/19
HW for Pali Students Only: Watch Sneetches Video and complete analysis Qs (on Classroom)
Wednesday/ Thursday, 1/10-11
1. Watch Sneetches
2. Sneetches Analysis Questions
Friday, 1/12 (Stacked)
1. Turn in Sneetches Qs
2. Read "Camp Harmony" and complete questions
HW: Signed Tolerance Unit Notice due Tuesday