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Important Assessment dates coming up:

Oct 15 & 16/17: Paragraph Writing 

Oct 22 & 23/24: Poetry Writing/New Read Assessment Information Release  

Oct 25/26: New Read Assessment 

Nov 1/2: Poetry Performance 


October 15-19


Oct 15 Mon

  1. Write down HW
  2. Evidence collection: Handout 16A (in Google Classroom)- half of the document due in class today
  3. Complete Google Form by the end of class.
    HW- Finish Evidence Collection and be prepared for your Writing Assessment Due: BEFORE class Tues/Weds, Oct 16/17


Oct 16/17 Tues/Wed

  1. Review Handout 14A - What should a paragraph have? (ToSEEC)
  2. Assessment 16: Focusing Question Task 2: use the organizers to plan paragraphs, then write paragraphs in Google Doc. -Complete in class today

HW: none


Oct 18/19 Thurs/Fri


****15 minutes: Make sure you turned in the following assessment points:

- Collect Evidence 16A

- Prewriting: Assessment 16

  1. Watch:
  2. Review Poetic Anchor Chart (Google Classroom)
    1. Go over aspects of spoken word poetry
    2. Review printed version of the poem and watch again. Notice the performer’s volume, expression, emotion
    3. Notice how her choices affected her performance
  3. Watch both videos:
    1. Nikki-Rosa
    2. “Slam, Dunk, & Hook”
    3. Notice: differences between each performance
  4. Handout 19A (Google Classroom). We will be using the handout to analyze each poem.  Choose one for your assignment.
  5. Notice: each poet is performing for a different audience. Giovanni for Def Jam, Komunyakaa for a college lecture. How might their performances reflect the audience they are performing for?
  6. Pretend you are performing for the opposite audience (Nikki-Rosa as for a college lecture and Slam Dunk as for Def Jam) Perform with a family member.

HW: none


October 8-12


October 8/9 Monday/Tuesday (Shortened 4th and 6th for Assembly)


  1. Discuss final poem “Free Throws”
    1. Read “Free Throws” (234-237) aloud in pairs
  2. Complete reading Qs on Classroom w/ teams
  3. Complete Handout 14a individually
  4. Have students read Basketball Rule #1 (20) silently to themselves
  5. Class discussion: How has your understanding of the lines “always leave / your heart / on the court” developed (changed or deepened) now that you have finished the novel?
  6. Extra time: Students can work on homework for another class


October 10/11 Wednesday/Thursday


  1. Watch the video of the author
  2. Complete in your response journal: Q1Journal#5: How does Alexander’s discussion about poetry relate to the craft work you have been doing in the module? (Consider the poems you have written, your focus on choosing descriptive language, and your revision of poetry you’ve written)
  3. In teams, students collect evidence (Handout 15A) for use in a Socratic Seminar
  4. Display the listening goal “Listen with the intent to write” and discuss what this looks like in class discussions
  5. Socratic Seminar
    1. What is the narrative arc created by specific uses of the word crossover?
    2. Which is the most significant use of the word crossover in the novel? Why?
    3. Is the word crossover an effective title for this novel?
  6. Return to teams and complete “Alternative Titles” activity. Turn in on Google Classroom


October 12 Friday

PSAT Per 1-4



Week: October 1-5


October 1 Mon

  1. Turn in Fluency- Instruct students to turn in their Fluency HW#2
  2. Read, “This is Your Life (And How You Tell It)”
  3. Answer reading Qs- Google Classroom- finish next class if need be.


October 2/3 Tues/Wed

  1. Warm Up: Vote: What’s most important the beginning, middle, or end of a story?
  2. Finish reading Qs and paragraph (If needed)
  3. Give definition of Narrative Arc on board:

A narrative arc has a beginning, a middle, and an ending, with a common theme that holds the story together.

4. Handout 12A - Narrative Arc

5. Q1 Journal #4 “Stories of a life _________.”

6. Finish book in class.  Read together. - “Overtime” 225-237.  

HW: None


October 4/5 Thurs/Fri

  1. Analyze an occasional poem
  2. Write an Occasional Poem (Handout 13A)
  3. Map a Narrative Arc
    1. Assign each group a section of the book

Team 1: Warm Up

Team 2: Quarter 1

Team 3: Quarter 2

Team 4: Quarter 3

Team 5: Quarter 4

Team 6: Overtime

    1. Groups write 3 most important events from their section
    2. Share with the group

HW: None


Week: September 24-28


September 24 Mon

  1. Art exploration (Ungraded- no need to submit)
  2. Finish/Turn in "Dear Jordan" Rewrite & Credit Recovery
  3. Check grade- make sure names are on assignments (Resubmit if necessary)

HW: Fluency HW#2- Complete over 4 days throughout the week Due 10/1

Don't forget: Reading due next class! 160-196


September 25/26 Tues/Wed

  1. Read Article 1 in the Daily News (155)
    1. Discuss Found Materials Poem Expectations
    2. Find an article on NewsELA
  2. Make Found Poems groups on construction paper
  3. Found Poem Gallery Walk
  4. Compare “Fast Break” and “Article #1” answer Qs in Google Doc

HW: Read 197-222

Continue Fluency #2


September 27/28 Thurs/Fri


  1. Write Down HW
  2. Read “Gators Fall in Quarterfinals" (Article in Google Classroom)      
  3. Read “The Last Shot” (221-222) aloud together
  4. Answer Focus Questions- Google Classroom (Complete Sentences)
  5. Work on Fluency HW or Reading. (If time)


HW: Reread 135-196 for next lesson

Fluency HW#2

- Day one-four

-two questions

Due: MONDAY, Oct 1

 Week: September 17-21


September 17/18 Mon/Tues

  1. Write down HW
  2. Quick recap of pgs 1-98 (If absent, review Google Slideshow)
  1. What is happening in this section?
  2. Which characters are involved and what do we learn about them?
  3. How does this section reveal an aspect of Josh’s identity/sense of self? Consider how interactions with other characters and events occurring in this section connect to his sense of self.
  4. Vocabulary Deep Dive- review of figurative language, sensory and descriptive language
  5. Compose a Poem w/ Frame- Google Classroom (partners optional)
  6. Begin HW/Finish Paragraph


Per 1 & 5: Read 99-164 Due: Fri, Sept 21

Per 2, 4, 6: Read Pages 99-146 Due: Thurs, Sept 20


September 19 Wed OFF


September 20/21 Thurs/Fri

  1. Write down HW
  2. Review quiz and credit recovery
  3. Discuss new Focus and Craft Questions
  4. Per: 2, 4, 6: Read 147-159
  5. “Dear Jordan” (TE 114-116)
  6. Handout 8A- printed
  7. Rewrite “Dear Jordan” (Google Doc)
  8. Begin reading HW

Per 1 & 5: Read 164- 196 Due: Weds, Sept 26

Per 2, 4, 6: Read Pages 160-196 Tues, Sept 25



 Week: September 10-14


September 10- OFF


Tues/Weds, Sept 11/12

  1. Write down HW/Turn in Fluency HW, Click Done
  2. Discuss Content Framing and Craft Question/Lesson Focus
  3. Descriptive & Sensory Language
  4. “Filthy McNasty” (10) Annotate for descriptive and sensory language
  5. Poetry Types & Metaphor- Copy and Paste from Materials in Google Classroom
  6. Read for fluency-  “Ode to my Hair” (33)
  7. Compare/Contrast to “Five Reasons I Have Locks” (14-15)- Annotation
  8. “Q1 Journal #3- Response Journal
  9. “JB and I” (23)- annotate metaphors
  10. Quiz explained
  11. Start HW/Quiz Prep



  1. Read 63-98
  2. Look at poem- "Slam, Dunk, Hook" for quiz next class
Due: Thurs/Fri, Set 13/14

Thurs/Fri, Sept 13/14

  1. New Read Assessment “Slam, Dunk, Hook”
  2. Discuss how character relationships are important to Josh
    1. Students complete handout 5A as a jigsaw (sections ABC)
    2. Return to home groups and share responses
  3. Planning and paragraph writing use handout 5A for notes
Planning Template & Paragraph Writing: Analyze Character Relationships (Google Doc)
NO HW- Unless you did not finish your paragraph in class



Week: September 3-7


September 3- OFF


September 4/5 Tues/Weds

  1. Pick The Crossover
  2. Write Down HW
  3. Quick class procedure/syllabus review
  4. Turn in Poem
  5. Wit and Wisdom Pilot Begins
  6. Quarter 1 Journals- Ongoing Documents
  • Response Journal #1
  • Vocabulary Journal
  1. Fluent Reading “Dribbling” pg 3
  2. Read Pgs 4-10/Review
  3. Start HW (if time)


HW- 1. Read Pgs 11-36

2. Fluency HW Day One

3. Identity Poem- LAST CHANCE

Due: Thurs/Fri, Sept 6/7 


September 6/7 Thurs/Fri

Email me for complete details and class notes

  1. Write down HW/Pick a team
  2. Teamwork- Google Form
  3. Review reading goal
  4. Review Fluency HW
  5. Review Focusing question
  6. Add “Sense of Self” to Vocabulary Journal
  7. Fluency Reading “Five Reasons I Have Locks” (14-15)
  8. Basketball Card- Team Assignment



  1. Read Pgs 37-62
  2. Reminder: Complete Fluency Handout- Day One-Day Four & 2 Questions

Due: Tues/Weds, Sept 11/12



August 29-31


August 29

  1. Meet and greet
  2. Pick up syllabus/movie permission slip
  3. Are you in the right class? Hold up schedule
  4. Attendance
  5. How was your summer?
  6. Syllabus
  7. Join Google Classroom- Tell me about you
  8. Q & A

HW- Signed Syllabus & Movie Slip Due: Tues/Weds Sept 4/5


August 30/31

  1. Turn in Syllabus & Summer Reading
  2. Write down homework
  3. Icebreaker
  4. Identity Poem

HW- Finish Identity Poem Due: Tues/Weds Sept 4/5