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Scroll Down and find the date you missed!

Collect any handouts from the Green Crate in the classroom.

All homework or classwork is due the next class session for full credit.


Purple font indicates an attachment or handout needed.



Check Google Classroom for Dialectic Journal expectations.

Bring your DJs and books each class session. 



****Museum of Tolerance Permission Slips OVERDUE!!! Turn in ASAP****



Week of 2/19-23 (Monday off)


Tues/Wed Feb 20-21


  1. Write Down "HW"
  2. 2009 BBC Film- last 25 mins
  3. Reading Quiz 250-268
  4. DJ Assessment Expectations- Google Classroom
  5. Work Period- Complete middle pages/Finishing Touches - Finish DJ #6 (if needed)- Work "Best DJ" AssessmentHW- Complete DJ due next class!

Thurs/Fri, Feb 22-23

  1. Review MOT behavior expectations again, arrival times, etc
  2. Reorganize permission slips by bus
  3. Found Poem Assessment expectations **Test Grade
  4. Work Period- DJs, Best DJ (Assessment **Test Grade), Found Poem (Assessment **Test Grade)
  5. Turn in DJ & Best DJ (Assessment **Test Grade)


MOT Monday! Arrive on time with a sack lunch.

Found Poem Assessment due Tues/Weds



Week of 2/12-16 (Friday off, Thursday Career Day,) 

Monday, 2/12

  1. Discuss/prep IAB
  2. Last chance to turn in postacard
  3. Q2 Goal reflection/Q3 Goal Cards

***Type in Chromebook

HW: Bring headphones/earbuds for IAB next class= Supply Check= 10 points


Tues/Wed, 2/13-14

  1. Give bus assignments
  2. IAB
  3. Start DJ#6 & work on middle pages
HW: DJ#6 and reading quiz Due: Tues/Weds, Feb 20/21



Week of 2/5-9 (Monday Off)


Thurs/Fri, Feb 8-9

  1. Write Down HW
  2. Reading Quiz Pgs 48-55
  3. No Red Ink practice
  4. DJ#4 Check
  5. Reading Groups: Pgs 123-125, Pgs 138-140
  6. Complete DJ #5
HW- EdPuzzle Due: Tues/Weds



Tues/Wed, Feb 6-7

  1. MOT Permission Slip
  2. No Red Ink Diagnostic Quiz
  3. "To This Day"
  4. Finish AF Postcard
  5. Start DJ #4 (if time)

HW- DJ#4, Finish Postcard (if needed)


Quarter 2 is now behind us, let's have a successful Quarter 3!



Important Dates coming up:

1/22 Tolerance Terms Quiz

1/29 Q2 Journals and Extra Credit Due!



Thurs/Fri, Feb 1/2 

1,Anne Frank Postcard Assignment

2. DJ 1-3 check

3. Reading quiz 32-40

HW: Front and back design of DJ


Tues/Weds, Jan 30/31

1. Read pages 22-32

2. Team narrative writing practice 

3. Team narrative writing for DJ#3


HW- Read 32-40

DJ 1-3 Check

Due: Thurs/Fri


Monday, January 29
1.DJ guidelines

2. Complete DJ1- you may use an example in Google Classroom


HW- DJ#2
Extra credit & Journal due TODAY


Thurs/Fri, Jan 25/26

1. Write Down HW/Reminders

2. Narrative Writing Piece score review

3. Journal #8


Q2Journal #8

“So we could not do this and we were forbidden to do that. But life went on in spite of it all... Our freedom was strictly limited.  Yet things were still bearable.”

― Pg 4, Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl


1.What is Anne Frank’s attitude towards the new Anti-Jewish Decrees?


2. Define “endurance” and “perseverance” in your own words 

3. How does this quote connect to the ideas of endurance and perseverance? 


4. Freedom Writers Short Response *MUST POST TODAY

- Format Review

- Rewrite/Complete

5. Work Period

- organize/complete journals

- interactive research if not done *MUST POST TODAY

- work on extra credit

- read pages 1-12


- Don't forget: Q2 Journals and Q2 Extra Credit

- Brief reading quiz



Tues/Weds, Jan 23/24

1. Finish Film Analysis

2. Complete Notes

3. Analysis Writing Piece

4. Anti-Jewish Decrees

5. Pick up books

HW- Read Pages 1-12


Monday, Jan 22

  1. Tolerance Terms Quiz
  2. Freedom Writers Film Analysis- continued
HW- Bring film notes & Analysis Checklist. Writing piece next class!


Friday. 1/19 Stacked

Film Analysis continued

HW- Quiz next class!


Wednesday/Thursday 17/18

  1. No HW- Quiz reminder
  2. Tolerance Terms Practice- collaborative teams
  3. Kahoot
  4. Q2 Journal #7
    Q2Journal # 7Historical Context Review. Do a quick search of the following two topics and bullet point at least four facts:

    1. Freedom Riders of 1961
    2. 1992 Los Angeles Riots
    3. Miep Gies
  5. Begin Film Analysis
HW- No new HW. Study your terms!

Tuesday 1/16 - Stacked

      1. New Seats/Write Down HW
      2. Quiz reminder
      3. Interactive research- check study tool
      4. Left column of film analysis

HW- Definitions on film analysis and study tool checked next class


Fri 12 Stacked

  1. Camp Harmony


Wed/Thurs 10-11

  1. Finish “Analyzing Themes-Sneetches”
  2. Work on study tool for Tolerance Terms Quiz


 Mon/Tues, Jan 8/9 (Block)


  1. Time to finish Open Mind
  2. Quiz Review/Study Session
  3. Recurring Themes Quiz
  4. Tolerance Unit Notice (Blue)
  5. Talk about upcoming tolerance unit- review notice home
  6. Intro Tolerance Terms
  7. Journal#6

Q2Journal # 6

Analyze the political cartoon by Dr. Seuss. What do you see in the picture?  

(See the "What Did I Miss?!?" section in class for image)

Then discuss the following:

1) What does the idiom/expression “a snake in the grass” mean?

2) Apply the meaning of this idiom to why Dr. Seuss would depict Hitler in this way? What was he trying to say or make fun of? Explain.

3)Connect your analysis to the historical context of 1942.



- Get Tolerance Unit parent info signed (Blue)

- Create Cornell Notes or note cards for Tolerance Terms.  Study Guide with answer key on Google Classroom.

Due: Tuesday, 1/16 ALL CLASSES (Students not going to PALI will complete their study tool in class)  


Thurs/Fri, Jan 4-5

  1. “The First Americans”
  2. Open Mind Expectations
  3. Work on "Recurring Themes: The American Dream" Study Guide (Cornell Notes or Index Cards)
  4. Note Check- Part 1 & 2
  5. Heads up to Per 1, 3, 5 Pali Students: If you miss Monday, Jan 8, you will still be expected to create a study tool for the Tolerance Terms Due on: Tues Jan 16  


Finish Open Mind (Expectations on Google Classroom)


- Per 1, 3, 5: Monday 1/8

- Per 2, 4, 6 Tuesday, 1/9

Tues/Wed, Jan 2-3

  1. Write Down Homework
  2. How was your break?
  3. Journal #5


Q2 Journal #5

  1.  What is the “American Dream”? Does everyone in our society automatically attain that dream simply by being here?
  2. “The wealthy have it easy in our society: they attend the best schools, and achieve the most career success. Success is linked to wealth.”
  • Do you agree or disagree with this statement.  Why or why not? Justify your response with examples.


  1.  Build Background- Read page 399- 401:
  • “Recurring Themes: The American Dream” pg 399
  • Review vocab terms pg 399
  • Meet the Writers pg 400
  • Preview the Selections pg 400
  • Key Aspects of the American Dream pg 400


  1. Read “The New Colossus” and “Refugee in America”- Dry Read
  • “The New Colossus” Emma Lazarus Pg 401: Read “Read with a Purpose”, “Build Background”, and poem
  • “Refugee in America” Langston Hughes Pg 403: : Read “Read with a Purpose”, “Build Background”, and poem


  1. Collaborative: Mark the text- Handout front and back- color coded.  Turn in  
  2. Individually:  “The First Americans” The Grand Council Fire of American Indians Pg 405
  3. Start HW

HW- Part 1: Study tool for 4 academic vocab terms & 5 Key Aspects of the American Dream (Cornell Notes or Index Cards)



Thurs/Fri, December 14-15

    1. Turn in narrative
    2. Have a great break =D

***Narratives turned in after break will earn 10 points off their final grade***

Tues/Wed, December 12-13

  1. Work on narrative assignment

HW: Narrative due next class

Monday, Dec 11

  1. Peer review- Get Two!
  2. Cover Page Format- 2 extra credit points available!

Week: Dec 4- 8 

- The Outsiders- Point Recovery/Rewrite- 1 extra credit writing point 

- Narrative Brainstorm- 2 writing points 

- Narrative Draft- 2 writing points

- Peer Edit- 1 writing point

- Writers Workshop:

  1. Splashy beginning
  2. Dialogue Review.
    1. Format Review
    2. Other ways to say
  3. Clear resolution
**Google Classroom assignments: "Other Ways To Say" and "Resolution vs Ending"


Week: Nov 27- Dec 1

- Outsiders Dress Up and Movie Day

- Hands on Art Per 2, 3, & 4

- Narrative intro 


               Q2Journal #4


Create a 3 X 4 table

Type your goal and action plan for each goal.


Q2 Journal #4


  1. Quarter 2 Goals




Action Plan








  1. Have you been actively working on your goals this quarter? How have your goals been working for you so far?    



Thurs/Fri, Nov 16-17 

  1. Final Exam
  2. Silent Activity
  3. Sunset Poem


Tues/Wed, Nov 14-15 (Roadshow in 3rd)

  1. Finish Book- Ch 12 signpost
  2. Characterization log
  3. Final Exam Prep - Pass out short answer Qs for students to take notes/prepare

HW- Bring an activity for after the exam




Monday, Nov 13

  1. Read ch 10
  2. Characterization log
  3. Final Exam Study Guide

HW: Read ch 11



Wed/Thurs, Nov 8 and 9

  1. Read 9 in class
  2. Q2 Journal #3- Reread Robert Frost's poem in Chapter 5  


    Q2 Journal #3

    1. What is the poem about? Paraphrase the message of the poem in 2-3 sentences.


    1. How does this poem connect to to the novel? What connection might the poem have to Ponyboy or Johnny?
  3. I Am Poem Expectations
  4. Chapter 7-9 Signpost Check  

HW- "I Am" Poem- hard copy.  

Due: First Chance Mon, 11/13, Last Chance Tues/Weds, Nov 14/15


Mon/Tues, Nov 6 and 7 (No School Friday)

  1. Ch 1-6 quest
  2. Q1 goals reflection
  3. Q2 Goal cards
  4. Read ch 7 w/signposts (independent or groups)


  1. Finish reading chapters 7 & 8
  2. Complete 2 signposts
  3. Complete 2 examples of indirect characterization for chapters 7 & 8

Due: Weds/Thurs (No School Friday)



Thurs/Fri, November 2/3

  1. Q1 Grade check/work back
  2. Q1 Assessment reflection- Journal #2



                                       Q2Journal #2


Quarter 1 written assessment reflection. Answer the three questions for each assessment:

Quarter 1 written assessment reflection. Answer the three questions for each assessment:


  1. Holt Chapter 1- Content
  • Did you address the prompt? If you did not, what did you write about instead?
  • What aspect(s) do you think you did well on in this assessment?
  • What aspect(s) of this assessment needs improvement?
  1. “Up” film Analysis- Content and Structure
  • Did you address the prompt? If you did not, what did you write about instead?
  • What aspect(s) do you think you did well on in this assessment?
  • What aspect(s) of this assessment needs improvement?
  1. Finish Character Profiles


HW: Reminder: Ch 1-6 quest next class (study stickies and characterization chart)


Monday/Tues, October 30/October 31- 2 Stack


  1. Ch 1-3 Quiz
  2. Read Chapter 4


Start Character Profiles


HW- Read Chapters 5 & 6

Complete 2 signposts per chapter

Complete 2 examples of indirect characterization per chapter

Chapter 1-6 "Quest" (Quiz/Test) Monday/Tuesday, Nov 6/7


Thurs/ Fri October 26/27

  1. Turn in Q1 Extra Credit
  2. (Read Ch 3)
  3. Characterization Chart for chapters 1-3 (groups)