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Act 2 & Act 3- Retakes for 19 or lower


Tues/Thurs June 6, 7 & 12




 ALL important dates for 4th quarter has been mapped out in Google Classroom!

Pay attention to due dates! We're almost done!

For "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Unit:

**Bring MND Books & Act by Act Notes (Blue) Each class session


Week of 6/4-8

Monday, 6/4

  • Read Act 4.1 (Whole Class)
  • Read 4.2 (Individual)
  • Act 4 Notes
HW- Finish Act 4 Notes (If needed)

**Promotion Speech tryouts after school


Tues/Wed, 6/5-6 (Tuesday HOA in 4th)

HW for 4th Per:

  • Act 5
  • Read Pucks monologue
  • Act 5 Notes
  • EdPuzzle
  • Per 2 Act 4&5 Quiz (Extra Credit!)

Act IV-V Study Guide 

  • Why does Titania give Oberon the child?
  • Why does Oberon remove the spell that he cast over the queen?
  • Finding the two couples asleep in the woods, and learning of their more balanced love, what order does Theseus give?
  • Who does Puck address at the play’s end?


True or False?

  • At first, Titania believes her love for a donkey was just a dream.
  • Oberon and Titania continue to fight over the Indian boy.
  • Theseus and his court come across the lovers while hunting.
  • Theseus enforces the Athenian law and puts the lovers to death.
  • Bottom wakes up and believes everything that has happened in the woods was a dream.
  • During the play Bottom plays all of the parts, including the lion.
  • Bottom begins to crave oats and hay.
  • Oberon does not end up getting the Indian boy from Titania.
  • Oberon tells Puck the lovers will wake up and think everything was just a dream.



Thurs/Fri, 6/7-8 (Thursday HOA in 2nd)

  • Act 4&5 Quiz (Extra Credit)
  • Final prep (HW for Per 2)

**Evidence Chart and Final Due Next Class- June 11



Week of 5/28-6/1 (Monday Off) (Thurs/Fri Stacked)


Tues, 5/29- Per 2 & 4

  • Act 3 Note Check (Blue)
  • Act 3 Evidence of Control  
  • Act 3 Quiz Review


Wed, 5/29-30 (5/30 HOA in 1-3-5)

  1. Act 3 Note Check (Blue)

Homework Per 1, 3, 5:

  1. Act 3 evidence
  2. Act 3 Quiz Review


Thurs 5/31 (Civil War Day) - No Class

Civil War Day


Friday, 6/1 - (Stacked)

    • Act 3 quiz- ALL Classes
  • Q4Journals Final Chance! 1-8: 80 points
  • Act 1-3 Evidence Chart Check

***Promotion Speech lunch meeting    



Week of 5/21-25 (Math SBAC Testing)

Monday, 5/21 - Stacked (no testing)

Act 2 Quiz

Evidence of Control


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5/22-24

  • Act 3
  • Video 30 mins- Take Notes
  • Q4 Journal#8- Turn in if complete


Q4 Journal #8

  1.  Identify one of the conflicts which propel this play.
  2.  Based on evidence, make a prediction of how this conflict will turn out.  Justify your response. (Tell me WHY you think this will happen.)

Friday, 5/25 - Stacked (no testing)

  • Continue Act 3
  • Team Presentations.
Act 3 Quiz June 1, ALL Classes


Act 3 Study Guide


Name what each mechanical is playing in the play “Pyramus and Thisbe”

What are the “problems” with the play of “Pyramus and Thisbe” Bottom addresses? What are the actors’ solutions to these problems?

What happens to Bottom in this act?

What are the names of Titania’s fairies?

Why can’t Lysander and Demetrius find each other to fight?

Identify the speaker: “Tie up my love’s tongue, bring him silently”

Who is in love with whom in this act?



Week of 5/14-18 (ELA SBAC Testing)

Monday, 5/14 (stacked, no testing)

  1. Act 1 and Characters quiz
  2. Evidence of Control


Tues/Wed/Thurs, 5/15-17

  1. Write down HW/Quiz date
  2. Act 2 Film and Notes
  3. Act 1 Recap assignments- SECOND CHANCE TO TURN IN Google Classroom assignments: MND 1.1 & Pyramus and Thisbe Assertion Chart
  4. Evidence of Control- How to
  5. Evidence of Control for Act 1- (Egeus is done for you) Hermia- Herself, Demetrius- Hermia, Bottom- All the Actors
  6. Blue note check for Act 1 & 2
1. Finish Evidence of Control for Act 1 (Egeus is done for you) Hermia- Herself, Demetrius- Hermia, Bottom- All the Actors Due: Friday, 5/18
2. Act 2 Quiz Monday, 5/21

Act II Study Guide


  • What are Titania’s reasons for not giving up the boy?
  • Why is Oberon angry with his queen?
  • On what missions does Oberon send Puck?
  • Upon whose eye's does Puck apply the potion?
  • What is Helena's reaction when Lysander wakes up and tells her he loves her?
  • To where has Lysander disappeared when Hermia awakes?
  • Does Puck purposely misapply the potion to Lysander's eyes? Explain.
  • What action does Oberon take in attempts to control his wife?
  • What was Hermia’s dream about?
  • Where does the love potion come from? (How does the flower get it’s power?)
  • Does Demetrius threaten to hurt Helena if she keeps following him?
  • Which of the following is A Midsummer Night’s Dream classified as?

         - tragedy, comedy, or history



Friday, 5/18 - Stacked after testing

1. Journal#7/Write down HW


Date ______


Q4 Journal #7


In 2.1.202-210, Helena compares herself to a “spaniel” or a kind of dog. Reread those lines. What does this comparison say about her relationship with Demetrius?

2. Evidence of Control for Act 2

3. Act 1 and All Characters Quiz Retake (Optional)


**Don't forget to study for Act 2!!



Week of 5/7-5/11


1. Write down HW

2. A Midsummer Night's Dream Characters Continued

- Minimum 3 bulletpoints per character



Finish Character Chart


Tues/Wed, 5/8-9

  1. Talk Promo Speech
  2. Talk about testing & other important dates
  • Plot dates in agenda
3. Anticipation Guide (Google Classroom)
4. Read Act 1.1- Reader’s theater
5. MND Act 1.1 (Google Classroom)
HW- Finish MND Act 1.1 (Google Classroom)


Thurs/Fri, 5/10-11

  1. Pyramus & Thisbe
  2. Google Classroom Assignment
  3. Act 1.2
  4. Act 1 Video 24 mins
  5. Act 1 Notes (Blue Sheet)
NO HW! Study for your quiz!



Week of 4/30-5/4

Monday, 4/30

1. Reminders- make up quiz tomorrow!

2. Good things

3. Q4Journal#4


Q4 Journal #4


  1. Identify Text Evidence in the Poem 

Identify a line from “A Poem for My Librarian, Mrs. Long” that best exemplifies the speaker’s relationship to reading.  Type the line below:

  1. Justify your reasoning

4. Reread Poem- share which line you chose and explain why.
5. Gathering evidence- pairs or triads

Tuesday/Wednesday, 5/1-5/2

1. Q4Journal#5 


Q4Journal #5


  1. Reading is important to the speaker because __________________.
  1. Reading is important because _____________.  
  1. What is the difference between the first sentence you wrote and the second sentence frame?

2. Recap/Review previous lesson

3. Whole Team

   - compare evidence charts

  - Create Theme Posters 

4. Quickwirte



Thurs/Fri, 5/3-5/4


1. Write down quiz date

2.  "The Sleeping Gypsy" 

3. Notice and Wonder- Teams

4. Stop and Jot- Individual/Teams 

5. Distill Meaning from the painting

6. Q4Journal#6  



 1. What does the title help you understand about this painting?

 2. What message does this painting convey?  Cite evidence from the painting.

3. How do Henri Rousseau and Nikki Giovanni build your knowledge of ideas about imagination and reading?


QUIZ! All MND (Midsummer Night's Dream) Character and Act 1 Quiz

First Chance- May 14th

Second Chance- May 18th


Week of 4/23-27 (Open House 4/26)


Monday, 4/23 (Panoramic Picture)

  1. Quiz on Sonnet
  2. Share Sonnets (optional)
  3. Open House Google Form (Cisneros)


Tues/Wed, 4/24-25

1. Last call Sonnet Presentations

2. Wit and Wisdom Pilot Intro

3. Q4 Journal #2

Q4 Journal #2


  1. What is a book that has meant something important to you? Why?
  2. What are some reasons books become important to us as individuals?

4. "A Poem For My Librarian, Mrs. Long (You never know when a troubled little girl needs a book)"  Nikki Giovanni

- Predictions based on title

- First Read

- General Ideas

5. Notice and Wonder Chart

6. What is happening in the poem?  Coding/Synthesizing (Google Classroom) 




Thurs/Fri, 4/26-27 (Fri 12:29)

1. Lesson Recap

- Annotations= Speaker and Events

2. Q4Journal#3


Q4 Journal #3

  1. The speaker of the poem is ___(1-3 details)____.
  1. The three most important events in the poem are _______________, _______________, and _______________.
  1. Overall, the poem is about _______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


3. Drafting a Summary- pairs or triads (Google Classroom)

4. Exploring the poem

    - Stanza 1- Whole Class

   - Stanza 2-7 Teams (Each team takes a stanza)

**Create class slideshow

**Present (Jigsaw)

5. 3....2....1 Exit Ticket


Week: 4/16- 4/20


Monday, 4/16

  1. Goal Card
  2. Write down quiz date
  3. Q4 Journal #1

HW- Quiz on Sonnet Structure & Sonnet 18 **Study your notes and charts Monday, 4/23


Tues/Wed, 4/17-18

  1. Review Sonnet Structure- take Cornell Notes
  2. Read and analyze the structure of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18
  3. Start rough draft
HW- First 2 stanzas of original Sonnet (Google Classroom)


Thurs/Fri, 4/19-20

  1. Review sonnet structure
  2. Review Sonnet 18
  3. Final Draft Requirements
  4. Work on Sonnets
  5. Memorable Moments
HW- Sonnet Final Drafts ***Hard Copy with requirements posted on Google Classroom



Week: 4/23- 4/27


Monday, 4/23 (Panoramic Picture)

  1. Quiz on Sonnet
  2. Share Sonnets (optional)

Week of 4/23-27 (Open House 4/26)

Monday, 4/23 (Panoramic Picture)

  1. Quiz on Sonnet
  2. Share Sonnets (optional)
  3. Turn in Sonnets
  4. Open House Google Form

Tues/Wed, 4/24-25


Wit and Wisdom Pilot begins


Thurs/Fri, 4/26-27 (Fri 12:29)

Wit and Wisdom Pilot

Week of 4/30-5/4

Wit and Wisdom Pilot

Monday, 4/30

Tues/Wed 5/1-2

Thurs/Fri, 5/3-4

Week of 5/7-11

Monday, 5/7

Tues/Wed, 5/8-9

Thurs/Fri, 5/10-11



Final Q3 Assessment Points:

- Prewriting/Planning: Google Classroom (1 Assessment Point) May 27/28

- First Draft: Google Classroom (2 Assessment Points) April 2

- Retake of My Perspectives Quiz 1 & 2 (Earn up to 100%) April 3-6- Morning session or in class

- Final Draft Due: Google Classroom 

1st Chance Tues/Weds April 3/4

Last Chance Thurs/Fri April 5/6


***Q3 Extra Credit must be posted by Friday the 13th***


**Grading window closes April 18.  Final Drafts may be submitted for half credit during Spring Break and up until April 16th.  



Monday, 3/26 (Fitness Day)

  • See your Advisement teacher before school begins to pick up your shirt
  • Wear appropriate athletic gear
  • You will attend period 1, 2, & 6th (Possibly part of 5th)
  • All 3 Google Classroom assignments are due at the end of the day to Google Classroom


Tues/Wed, 3/27-28 (Wed TTN)

  1. Write important dates in agenda
  2. Writing to Compare- Teamwork Assignment- If you were absent, have a teammate share the assignment with you
  • Review Pgs 294-295
  • Planning/Prewriting- Analyzing elements
  • Facts, Interpretations, Opinions
  1. Google Classroom Assignment- Planning/Prewriting
  2. Writers Workshop
  • Planning/Prewriting (Google Classroom Assignment)
  • Use pages 296-297 as your guide


Per 2 & 4: Due: Thursday

Per 1, 3, 5: Part 1&2 Due IMMEDIATELY (Thursday, 3/29) *I need to approve your topic*

Complete assignment Due Friday Morning


Thurs/Fri, 3/29/30

1. Write down HW

2. Argument Writing Structure Review

- REread Launch Text- Mark up structure

- Model Student Essay (Google Classroom)

- Rubric (Google Classroom)

4. Outline and Drafting (Google Classroom)

- Prewriting/Planning Check (Google Classroom)

- Drafting

- Self Review Pg 300



Complete 1st Draft (Google Classroom) Due Monday, April 2

Final Draft Due:

1st Chance Tues/Weds April 3/4

Last Chance Thurs/Fri April 5/6


Week of 3/19-23


Mon/Tues, 19/20

  1. Write down HW
  2. “Three Cheers for the Nanny State”
  3. Comparing Texts
  • Concept Vocabulary
  • “Ban the Ban *SydneyAnne Stone/Soda’s the Problem but…” *Karin Klein
  • First Read
  • Comprehension Check Pg 289

HW- Finish Pgs 287-289.  Complete Questions 1-3 in complete sentences


Wednesday 1, 3, 5/Thursday, Minimum Day  STACK/Friday 2, 4, 6

  1. Write down HW
  2. MyPerspectives Online- EMAIL ME FOR YOUR CODE!!!
  3. Quiz on “Three Cheers for the Nanny State” (Team quiz- Open Book/Open Note)
  4. “Ban the Ban *SydneyAnne Stone/Soda’s the Problem but…” *Karin Klein

- Second Read/Highlight and Annotate

- Online: Download and save as a Google Doc “First Read Extension Questions"

5. Begin HW


  1. Quiz on 3 selections pgs 276-289 Per 1, 3, 5 Thursday, Per 2 & 4 Friday
  2. “Ban the Ban!”/”Soda’s the Problem but…” Online Assignments
  • “Analyze Craft and Structure”
  • “Writing to Compare”



Week of 3/12-16 (Friday no students)

Monday, 3/12

  1. Write Down HW
  2. Introduce Pilot

Pick up book

****Bring MyPerspectives Book EVERY class session****

  1. Download App- Download “BouncePages” on your smartphone
  2. Unit 3 Introduction
  3. Using your BouncePages App, Watch the video on pg 254.  Answer the discussion question in a few sentences
  4. Complete the Unit Goals on Pg 256
  5. Academic Vocabulary: Argument.  Complete chart on pg 257
  6. Read “Freedom of the Press”- add at least two terms on the “Word Network” pg 259
  7. Begin Summary Pg 260

HW- Complete Summary, Pg 260

Tues, 3/13 Stack 12:29

  1. Write Down HW
  2. Quickwrite- Pg 261
  3. Concept Vocabulary- Pg 264
  4. “Barrington Irving, Pilot and Educator” - National Geographic Pgs 265-268
  5. Watch Video Pg 268
  6. Comprehension Check Pg 269

HW- Finish Comprehension Check Pg 269 1-4 complete sentences


Wed/Thurs, 3/14-15 12:29

  1. No HW
  2. Close reading strategies review
  3. Concept Vocabulary- Pg 276
  4. “Three Cheers for Nanny State” -Pg 277
  • Annotate
  • Underline evidence in red
  1. Second Read
  2. Summary and Comprehension Check Pgs 280-281 *Write a summary of the article on page 280, answer the 4 questions in complete sentences on pg 281



Week of 3/5-9


Monday, 3/5

  1. Read TB 666-667
  2. Holt Chapter 6- Informational Text Terms GO
  3. No Red Ink, Finish MOT Reflection, or work on Solutions Card.


Tues/Wed, 3/6-7

  1. Read pgs 677-684
  2. Turn in Solutions Card assignment
  3. Read docs again
  4. Complete Graphic Org- “Skateboard Park- Holt Ch6 Main Arguments"- note pros and cons of building a skateboard park
  5. After deciding which side, find an additional reputable source
  6. No Red Ink- Start

Thurs/Fri, 3/8-9

  1. Create Google slideshow presentation
    1. Choose a side
    2. Support with evidence
  2. No Red Ink- Complete


Week of 2/26-3/2 (Monday MOT)

Monday, 26- Museum of Tolerance


Tues/Wed, Feb 27-28

  1. MOT Reflection
  2. Start Socratic Seminar Prep
  3. Read Articles:

    “If You’re Popular You’re Not Safe from Bullying, Study Says”

    “Gabby Douglas Partners with Anti-bullying Group after Olympic Backlash”

    “Bullying is Everybody’s Business”

  4. Ticket out the door: First two articles


HW- Socratic Seminar Prep Chart Due: Thurs/Fri, Mar 1-2

MOT Reflection Due: Monday, Mar 5


Thurs/Fri, Mar 1-2

  1. Finish Socratic prep- 10-15 mins
  2. Socratic Seminar
  3. Solutions Mini Project
  4. Work on MOT Reflection if needed

HW- Solutions card due Tues/Weds, March 6/7



Week of 2/19-23 (Monday off)


Tues/Wed Feb 20-21


  1. Write Down "HW"
  2. 2009 BBC Film- last 25 mins
  3. Reading Quiz 250-268
  4. DJ Assessment Expectations- Google Classroom
  5. Work Period- Complete middle pages/Finishing Touches - Finish DJ #6 (if needed)- Work "Best DJ" AssessmentHW- Complete DJ due next class!


Thurs/Fri, Feb 22-23

  1. Review MOT behavior expectations again, arrival times, etc
  2. Reorganize permission slips by bus
  3. Found Poem Assessment expectations **Test Grade
  4. Work Period- DJs, Best DJ (Assessment **Test Grade), Found Poem (Assessment **Test Grade)
  5. Turn in DJ & Best DJ (Assessment **Test Grade)


MOT Monday! Arrive on time with a sack lunch.

Found Poem Assessment due Tues/Weds *You will NOT get class time



Week of 2/12-16 (Friday off, Thursday Career Day,) 

Monday, 2/12

  1. Discuss/prep IAB
  2. Last chance to turn in postacard
  3. Q2 Goal reflection/Q3 Goal Cards

***Type in Chromebook

HW: Bring headphones/earbuds for IAB next class= Supply Check= 10 points


Tues/Wed, 2/13-14

  1. Give bus assignments
  2. IAB
  3. Announce Best DJ Assessment
  4. Start DJ#6 & work on middle pages
HW: DJ#6 and reading quiz Due: Tues/Weds, Feb 20/21



Week of 2/5-9 (Monday Off)


Thurs/Fri, Feb 8-9

  1. Write Down HW
  2. Reading Quiz Pgs 48-55
  3. No Red Ink practice
  4. DJ#4 Check
  5. Reading Groups: Pgs 123-125, Pgs 138-140
  6. Complete DJ #5
HW- EdPuzzle Due: Tues/Weds



Tues/Wed, Feb 6-7

  1. MOT Permission Slip
  2. No Red Ink Diagnostic Quiz
  3. "To This Day"
  4. Finish AF Postcard
  5. Start DJ #4 (if time)

HW- DJ#4, Finish Postcard (if needed)


Quarter 2 is now behind us, let's have a successful Quarter 3!



Important Dates coming up:

1/22 Tolerance Terms Quiz

1/29 Q2 Journals and Extra Credit Due!



Thurs/Fri, Feb 1/2 

1,Anne Frank Postcard Assignment

2. DJ 1-3 check

3. Reading quiz 32-40

HW: Front and back design of DJ


Tues/Weds, Jan 30/31

1. Read pages 22-32

2. Team narrative writing practice 

3. Team narrative writing for DJ#3


HW- Read 32-40

DJ 1-3 Check

Due: Thurs/Fri


Monday, January 29
1.DJ guidelines

2. Complete DJ1- you may use an example in Google Classroom


HW- DJ#2
Extra credit & Journal due TODAY


Thurs/Fri, Jan 25/26

1. Write Down HW/Reminders

2. Narrative Writing Piece score review

3. Journal #8


Q2Journal #8

“So we could not do this and we were forbidden to do that. But life went on in spite of it all... Our freedom was strictly limited.  Yet things were still bearable.”

― Pg 4, Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl


1.What is Anne Frank’s attitude towards the new Anti-Jewish Decrees?


2. Define “endurance” and “perseverance” in your own words 

3. How does this quote connect to the ideas of endurance and perseverance? 


4. Freedom Writers Short Response *MUST POST TODAY

- Format Review

- Rewrite/Complete

5. Work Period

- organize/complete journals

- interactive research if not done *MUST POST TODAY

- work on extra credit

- read pages 1-12


- Don't forget: Q2 Journals and Q2 Extra Credit

- Brief reading quiz



Tues/Weds, Jan 23/24

1. Finish Film Analysis

2. Complete Notes

3. Analysis Writing Piece

4. Anti-Jewish Decrees

5. Pick up books

HW- Read Pages 1-12


Monday, Jan 22

  1. Tolerance Terms Quiz
  2. Freedom Writers Film Analysis- continued
HW- Bring film notes & Analysis Checklist. Writing piece next class!


Friday. 1/19 Stacked

Film Analysis continued

HW- Quiz next class!


Wednesday/Thursday 17/18

  1. No HW- Quiz reminder
  2. Tolerance Terms Practice- collaborative teams
  3. Kahoot
  4. Q2 Journal #7
    Q2Journal # 7Historical Context Review. Do a quick search of the following two topics and bullet point at least four facts:

    1. Freedom Riders of 1961
    2. 1992 Los Angeles Riots
    3. Miep Gies
  5. Begin Film Analysis
HW- No new HW. Study your terms!

Tuesday 1/16 - Stacked

      1. New Seats/Write Down HW
      2. Quiz reminder
      3. Interactive research- check study tool
      4. Left column of film analysis

HW- Definitions on film analysis and study tool checked next class


Fri 12 Stacked

  1. Camp Harmony


Wed/Thurs 10-11

  1. Finish “Analyzing Themes-Sneetches”
  2. Work on study tool for Tolerance Terms Quiz


 Mon/Tues, Jan 8/9 (Block)


  1. Time to finish Open Mind
  2. Quiz Review/Study Session
  3. Recurring Themes Quiz
  4. Tolerance Unit Notice (Blue)
  5. Talk about upcoming tolerance unit- review notice home
  6. Intro Tolerance Terms
  7. Journal#6

Q2Journal # 6

Analyze the political cartoon by Dr. Seuss. What do you see in the picture?  

(See the "What Did I Miss?!?" section in class for image)

Then discuss the following:

1) What does the idiom/expression “a snake in the grass” mean?

2) Apply the meaning of this idiom to why Dr. Seuss would depict Hitler in this way? What was he trying to say or make fun of? Explain.

3)Connect your analysis to the historical context of 1942.



- Get Tolerance Unit parent info signed (Blue)

- Create Cornell Notes or note cards for Tolerance Terms.  Study Guide with answer key on Google Classroom.

Due: Tuesday, 1/16 ALL CLASSES (Students not going to PALI will complete their study tool in class)  


Thurs/Fri, Jan 4-5

  1. “The First Americans”
  2. Open Mind Expectations
  3. Work on "Recurring Themes: The American Dream" Study Guide (Cornell Notes or Index Cards)
  4. Note Check- Part 1 & 2
  5. Heads up to Per 1, 3, 5 Pali Students: If you miss Monday, Jan 8, you will still be expected to create a study tool for the Tolerance Terms Due on: Tues Jan 16  


Finish Open Mind (Expectations on Google Classroom)


- Per 1, 3, 5: Monday 1/8

- Per 2, 4, 6 Tuesday, 1/9

Tues/Wed, Jan 2-3

  1. Write Down Homework
  2. How was your break?
  3. Journal #5


Q2 Journal #5

  1.  What is the “American Dream”? Does everyone in our society automatically attain that dream simply by being here?
  2. “The wealthy have it easy in our society: they attend the best schools, and achieve the most career success. Success is linked to wealth.”
  • Do you agree or disagree with this statement.  Why or why not? Justify your response with examples.


  1.  Build Background- Read page 399- 401:
  • “Recurring Themes: The American Dream” pg 399
  • Review vocab terms pg 399
  • Meet the Writers pg 400
  • Preview the Selections pg 400
  • Key Aspects of the American Dream pg 400


  1. Read “The New Colossus” and “Refugee in America”- Dry Read
  • “The New Colossus” Emma Lazarus Pg 401: Read “Read with a Purpose”, “Build Background”, and poem
  • “Refugee in America” Langston Hughes Pg 403: : Read “Read with a Purpose”, “Build Background”, and poem


  1. Collaborative: Mark the text- Handout front and back- color coded.  Turn in  
  2. Individually:  “The First Americans” The Grand Council Fire of American Indians Pg 405
  3. Start HW

HW- Part 1: Study tool for 4 academic vocab terms & 5 Key Aspects of the American Dream (Cornell Notes or Index Cards)



Thurs/Fri, December 14-15

    1. Turn in narrative
    2. Have a great break =D

***Narratives turned in after break will earn 10 points off their final grade***

Tues/Wed, December 12-13

  1. Work on narrative assignment

HW: Narrative due next class

Monday, Dec 11

  1. Peer review- Get Two!
  2. Cover Page Format- 2 extra credit points available!

Week: Dec 4- 8 

- The Outsiders- Point Recovery/Rewrite- 1 extra credit writing point 

- Narrative Brainstorm- 2 writing points 

- Narrative Draft- 2 writing points

- Peer Edit- 1 writing point

- Writers Workshop:

  1. Splashy beginning
  2. Dialogue Review.
    1. Format Review
    2. Other ways to say
  3. Clear resolution
**Google Classroom assignments: "Other Ways To Say" and "Resolution vs Ending"


Week: Nov 27- Dec 1

- Outsiders Dress Up and Movie Day

- Hands on Art Per 2, 3, & 4

- Narrative intro 


               Q2Journal #4


Create a 3 X 4 table

Type your goal and action plan for each goal.


Q2 Journal #4


  1. Quarter 2 Goals




Action Plan








  1. Have you been actively working on your goals this quarter? How have your goals been working for you so far?    



Thurs/Fri, Nov 16-17 

  1. Final Exam
  2. Silent Activity
  3. Sunset Poem


Tues/Wed, Nov 14-15 (Roadshow in 3rd)

  1. Finish Book- Ch 12 signpost
  2. Characterization log
  3. Final Exam Prep - Pass out short answer Qs for students to take notes/prepare

HW- Bring an activity for after the exam




Monday, Nov 13

  1. Read ch 10
  2. Characterization log
  3. Final Exam Study Guide

HW: Read ch 11



Wed/Thurs, Nov 8 and 9

  1. Read 9 in class
  2. Q2 Journal #3- Reread Robert Frost's poem in Chapter 5  


    Q2 Journal #3

    1. What is the poem about? Paraphrase the message of the poem in 2-3 sentences.


    1. How does this poem connect to to the novel? What connection might the poem have to Ponyboy or Johnny?
  3. I Am Poem Expectations
  4. Chapter 7-9 Signpost Check  

HW- "I Am" Poem- hard copy.  

Due: First Chance Mon, 11/13, Last Chance Tues/Weds, Nov 14/15


Mon/Tues, Nov 6 and 7 (No School Friday)

  1. Ch 1-6 quest
  2. Q1 goals reflection
  3. Q2 Goal cards
  4. Read ch 7 w/signposts (independent or groups)


  1. Finish reading chapters 7 & 8
  2. Complete 2 signposts
  3. Complete 2 examples of indirect characterization for chapters 7 & 8

Due: Weds/Thurs (No School Friday)



Thurs/Fri, November 2/3

  1. Q1 Grade check/work back
  2. Q1 Assessment reflection- Journal #2



                                       Q2Journal #2


Quarter 1 written assessment reflection. Answer the three questions for each assessment:

Quarter 1 written assessment reflection. Answer the three questions for each assessment:


  1. Holt Chapter 1- Content
  • Did you address the prompt? If you did not, what did you write about instead?
  • What aspect(s) do you think you did well on in this assessment?
  • What aspect(s) of this assessment needs improvement?
  1. “Up” film Analysis- Content and Structure
  • Did you address the prompt? If you did not, what did you write about instead?
  • What aspect(s) do you think you did well on in this assessment?
  • What aspect(s) of this assessment needs improvement?
  1. Finish Character Profiles


HW: Reminder: Ch 1-6 quest next class (study stickies and characterization chart)


Monday/Tues, October 30/October 31- 2 Stack


  1. Ch 1-3 Quiz
  2. Read Chapter 4


Start Character Profiles


HW- Read Chapters 5 & 6

Complete 2 signposts per chapter

Complete 2 examples of indirect characterization per chapter

Chapter 1-6 "Quest" (Quiz/Test) Monday/Tuesday, Nov 6/7


Thurs/ Fri October 26/27

  1. Turn in Q1 Extra Credit
  2. (Read Ch 3)
  3. Characterization Chart for chapters 1-3 (groups)