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Advisement 7

Weekly schedule for advisement


Monday-Second step; in class assignment students fill out lesson one pager on their chrome book and share with me by end of the class.

Tuesday-DEAR; drop everything and read. Students read their book in class and receive credit for bringing their book and reading. Book can be any book of their choice, no magazine, digital book, comic book, textbook or book they have to read for other core classes.

Wednesday-College video; in class activity; we watch college video and do class discussions.

Thursday-Book Report; Students bring their book and casually talk about what they have been reading.

Friday- Binder check; I check individual binders to see if they have extra paper, extra pen/pencils, labeled dividers with papers organized, and marked agenda. We also do goal reflection to see if we met weekly goal we have set for ourselves.


Goal for my advisement class is to help students keep their school materials organized, motivate them to read more, keep students informed and updated with school related activities/lessons, and keep track on how each of the students are doing. My advisement is graded class and it’s a time each day where students can regroup and stay organized. It's not meant to create more work for students but to check in with individual students daily to see how they are doing in school and help them stay on track.