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Mr. Phillips, Room 20

Mr. Phillips is a lifelong resident of Orange County, California. He attended schools in the Garden Grove Unified School District and went on to graduate with highest honors from Long Beach State University, earning degrees in history and English literature. He then took a master's degree in American history at Gettysburg College. This is his eleventh year teaching and sixth year at Adams. 
In the past, history courses have focused on information processing and memorization (mostly names, dates, and facts). The objective in Mr. Phillips's class is to move beyond reading history textbooks and learn to read, think, and write like the historians who write those textbooks. In both 7th and 8th grade courses, students will be challenged to investigate, analyze historical documents, and come to conclusions about the past based on the pieces of evidence that have survived the ages. 
Current Courses:
  • Honors 7th Grade World History (Periods 1, 3, 4, & 6)
  • 8th Grade American History (Period 2)
  • Computer Science Discoveries (Period 5)
Hard Times Create Strong Men | Know Your Meme7th Grade World History:
This course is designed as a survey of world history from the decline of classical civilizations through the early modern era. As we work through the historical content, students will also hone their critical reading, historical thinking, and argumentative writing skills. By the end of the year, students will study a wide range of civilizations:
  • Foundations: Rome’s Fall & the Birth of European Civilizations
  • Christendom: Europe in the Early Middle Ages
  • Ascendancy: The Rise & Spread of Arab-Islamic Empires
  • Golden Age: West African Kingdoms
  • Diffusion: Medieval China & Japan
  • Upheaval: Europe in the Late Middle Ages
  • Transformation: The Renaissance, Reformation, & Scientific Revolution
  • Conquest: America's Empires & European Exploration
8th Grade American History:
The 8th grade curriculum picks up where students left off in 7th grade.  We begin by discussing Europe’s exploration of the New World and move into an intensive study of American history.  We will study the following topics in the order listed below:
  • Liberty or Death: Colonial America & the Age of Revolution
  • Compromise: Creating the Constitution 
  • American Heroes: The Early Presidents
  • Destiny: The Age of Jackson & Westward Expansion
  • Division: The North & The South
  • Rupture: Slavery & The Civil War
  • Aftershocks: The Reconstruction Era
  • Ascendance: Industrialization & America’s “Empire of Liberty"
Computer Science Discoveries:
Computer Science Discoveries is an introductory course for 7th and 8th grade students that takes a wide-lensed approach to computer science by covering topics such as problem solving, programming, user-centered design, and data, while inspiring students as they build their own websites, apps, and games. After studying basic problem solving and computing processes, students have the choice to focus on animations and games, mobile application design, or web development. Along the way, students will also have opportunities to explore the social and developmental impacts each of these has on our lives. 
Materials for all courses are posted on Schoology. All grades are posted on Schoology and automatically transferred to PowerSchool. Email me at cphillips@rbusd if you have any questions or concerns.