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Spanish 2 (Period 6)

*DYGI due Tuesday, June 5th
*Last Quiz on Tuesday, June 5th (preterite verbs--spiral notebook #40)
*Bring board/box for El Mercado on Tuesday, June 5th
*Bring El Mercado: Plan de tienda with parent signature on Tuesday, June 5th
*Essay Test: June 7. (Bring a blue/black pen only.)
*En Resumen pg. 241: June 11 
*Charlemos Test #4: June 11
*Spiral Notebook: June 12
*FINAL EXAM: June 12 (don't be absent!)
*El Mercado: June 14 (don't be absent!)
6/1 - Did you get it WS due Monday. Last Quiz on Tuesday (Preterite verbs). El Mercado Parent Signature. Bring a board or box.
5/31 - Civil War Day
5/29 - Mi Niñez due Friday June 1st. You will present your slides to the class and all captions must be memorized.
5/28 - No school
5/25 - Mi Niñez (Friday June 1st). Captions must be memorized!
5/24 - For tomorrow: Viva el toro TEST & PACKET. Draw & Color a new book cover on the front of the white folder (no pencil).
5/21 - For Friday, May 25: Viva el toro TEST & PACKET. Draw & Color a new book cover on the front of the white folder (no pencil).
5/18 - Viva el toro: Cap. 8 Venn Diagram & TEST/PACKET on Friday 5/25. (Look for 5 photos to upload for Mi niñez)
5/17 - Vocabulary Quiz is tomorrow. Google Classroom: 4.2 Vocabulario. (Mi niñez Presentation must be memorized by June 1st. Complete the slides in Google Classroom.)
5/14 - Did you get it WS (DUE THURSDAY). Vocabulary Quiz (ON FRIDAY).
5/10 - Viva el toro: Read Capitulo 7. There will be a quiz on Monday about Chapter 7. COPY the new vocabulary notes. Vocabulary Quiz is on Friday May 18.
5/8 - En Resumen pg. 217 (due Thursday). STUDY for TEST (Thursday). CPR rubric parent signature (last day is Friday).
5/7 - En Resumen pg. 217. STUDY for TEST. CPR rubric parent signature.
5/3 - Did you get it WS (due Monday). Study for QUIZ: preterite vs. imperfect (Monday). CPR rubric parent signature (due Monday to Friday).
5/1 - Crucigrama (el preterito/el imperfecto) due Thursday. Quiz on Monday: Preterite vs. Imperfect.
4/30 - Crucigrama Viva el toro Cap. 1-3
4/26 - El imperfecto #3 WS due Monday.
4/24 - Did you get it (due Thursday). Quiz on Thursday: Past Participles & Imperfect. Print out in color or hand-draw in color a location anywhere in the world for the postcard. Put the picture on the blank side. Also write the name of the city, state, or country on the blank side. No pencil.
4/23 - CPR Espana due tomorrow @ 1:05 pm.
4/19 - CPR Espana due on Tuesday, April 24 @ 1:05 pm. Late projects will be accepted for a grade no higher than a C. If you are going to be absent, the project must be dropped off at the front office on April 24.
4/17 - In Google Classroom: CPR research rough draft due on Thursday.
4/16 - Did you get it WS. Vocabulary Quiz is tomorrow.
-Perform Shopping Skit on Monday, April 2
-Turn in stamp sheet and En Resumen pg. 187 on Tuesday, April 3.
-Take Unidad 3 Leccion 2 TEST on Tuesday, April 3. 
-Bring the novel Viva el toro to class
3/29 - Shopping Skit on Monday (bring props & PRINT OUT THE DIALOGUE). CPR Plan (you print it out) due Tuesday. En Resumen pg. 187 due Tuesday. TEST is Tuesday.
3/27 - Charlemos Test is on Thursday. Spiral Notebook due on Thursday. CPR Plan due April 3. PRINT OUT the plan. 
3/26 - Study for tomorrow's Quiz (stem-changing -IR in the preterite tense). Did you get it WS due tomorrow.
3/23 - Did you get it (due Tuesday). Preterite -ir stem-changing verbs QUIZ on Tuesday. Charlemos TEST on Thursday. Spiral Notebook due Thursday.
3/22 - QUIZ on March 27: Preterite of -ir stem-changing verbs.
3/20 - Perform Shopping Skit on April 2. Bring props. (QUIZ on March 27: Stem-changing Preterite Verbs)
3/15 - Did you get it WS due Tuesday. QUIZ on Tuesday: Hace + time + que & Irregular Preterite (estar, poder, poner, saber, tener).
3/13 - Hace + Time + Que worksheet
3/12 - Quiz on March 20: Hace + que (time expressions) & Irregular Preterite Verbs.
3/8 - Did you get it WS due Monday. Vocabulary Quiz on Monday.
3/6 - Vocabulary Quiz on Monday.
3/5 - Study for TEST. Bring stamp sheet and En Resumen pg. 163.
3/1 - For March 6th-->En Resumen pg. 163. Study for TEST.
2/27 - Did you get it WS due Thursday. QUIZ on Thursday: Pronouns after prepositions.
2/26 - Field Trip (QUIZ on Thursday March 1st)
2/22 - Pronouns after prepositions QUIZ on Thursday March 1st. Finish in Google Classroom: Verbs like gustar.
2/20 - Did you get it WS due Thursday. Quiz on Thursday: Verbs like gustar & Irregular YO verbs.
2/13 - Quiz on Thursday 2/22: Verbs like gustar & Irregular YO verbs
2/12 - Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!
2/8 - Did you get it WS due on Monday. Study for Vocabulary Quiz. Quiz date changed to 2/13 (Tuesday).
2/6 - Vocabulary Quiz on Monday 2/12/18.
-En Resumen pg. 133 is due on Monday (1/29) with your stamp sheet
-Spiral Notebook is due on Tuesday (1/30)
-Final Exam is on Thursday (2/1)
-Robo en la noche Packet is due on Thursday (2/1)
-CPR Rubric Parent Signature is due everyday until Feb. 2nd
1/23 - Did you get it WS. Study for Quiz (Present Progressive).
1/22 - Charlemos Test tomorrow. Present Progressive Quiz on Thursday.
1/19 - Charlemos Test #2 on Tuesday Jan. 23. Present Progressive Quiz on Thursday Jan. 25.
1/18 - Read Capitulo 10 in Robo en la noche. Be prepared to take a short quiz in English.
1/16 - Did you get it WS. Study for Quiz: Reflexive Verbs (1/18)
1/12 - Finish CPR Project. Reflexive Verbs Quiz on Jan. 18. In Google Classroom: Finish Reflexive Verbs.
1/11 - Finish CPR Project. Reflexive Verbs Quiz on Jan. 18.
1/9 - Finish CPR Project (due Jan. 16). Reflexive Verbs QUIZ on Jan. 18.
1/4 - Study for Vocabulary Quiz (changed to Tuesday 1/9). Did you get it. Work on CPR Project (new due date: January 16).
1/2 - Vocabulary Quiz on Monday 1/8/18.
12/14 - Work on CPR: Costa Rica project (due January 9th)
-Charlemos Test #4 (6/11)
-Essay Test (6/7)
-Prueba: Preterite (6/5)
-EXAMEN: Viva el toro (5/25)
-Prueba: Vocabulario (5/18)
-EXAMEN (5/10)
-Prueba: Preterite vs. Imperfect (5/7)
-Prueba: Past Participles & Imperfect (4/26)
-Prueba: Vocabulario (4/17)
-Charlemos Test #3 (3/29)
-Prueba: Stem-changing Preterite (3/27)
-Prueba: Hace+que / Irregular Preterite (3/20)
-Prueba: Vocabulario (3/12)
-EXAMEN (3/6)
-Prueba: Pronouns after prepositions (3/1)
-Prueba: Verbs like gustar & Irregular YO verbs (2/22)
-Prueba: Vocabulario (2/13)
-Prueba: Present Progressive (1/25)
-Charlemos Test #2 (1/23)
-Prueba: Reflexive Verbs (1/18)
-Prueba: Vocabulario (1/9)