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Social Studies 6

Welcome to Social Studies 6, Ancient Civilizations. We're going to have a great year studying and exploring Ancient Civilizations including Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Hebrews, Rome, Greece, China, and India.
2/11 - Please complete p. 149 1-4 all.
2/7 - Please begin Cornell Notes p. 144-147.
2/5 - Please complete Ancient India Flocabulary.
1/28 - Please complete one postcard from Giza, Preview page and Reading Review page by Thursday, January 31st. All additional postcards and/or hand-drawn postcards will be added as extra credit. Please continue to study for our benchmark test to be given on January 31st. 
1/22/19 - Please continue to study Clue questions and complete your study guide.
1/11/19 - Due to lack of interest, our field trip to the California Science Center has been canceled. 
1/9/19 - We will be taking a benchmark test on January 31st covering early man, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. Please complete your study guide. 
1/8/19 - Please complete p. 115, 116, and 117 for Thursday's Egypt quiz.
1/7/19 - Please complete Queen Hatshepsut's death investigation by 1/8 for discussion.
12/27/18 - Please email me if interested and able to attend the King Tut exhibit at the California Science Center on Sunday, January 13th from 12:30pm - 4pm. There is a free drop-zone. The cost including the IMAX movie is $16..45 per student. This is a group rate requiring 15 students and 2 chaperones. Our chaperone is free. I have been asked to make a deposit by the 31st of December, which I am happy to do, if it looks like we'll have 15 students. Without at least 15 students, we must pay full price for the exhibit and the film. Please email if interested,  so I can lock in the group rate; otherwise, we can still meet-up on the 13th for full price.  Thank you so much!  I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas and New Year celebrations!  Mrs. Tennant
12/19/18 - Please complete the secret language of Egypt and all questions by Thursday.
12/17/18 - Please review Mr. Donn's Ancient Egypt website for 20-30 minutes tonight.
12/13/18 - Please complete Flocabulary assignment covering Ancient Egypt.
12/6/18 - Please bring in small shipping boxes, shoe boxes, baking soda, Borax, and/or salt. I will buy the chickens this weekend for our mummies.
12/5/18 - Please complete Mesopotamian extra credit options this week.
12/4/18 - Please choose one of the 4 projects to complete by Monday 12/10/18. Your choices include the following: create a travel log including specific information about Egyptian boats, write a diary entry describing your day as a doctor in Ancient Egypt, draw and label a House of Life (Egypt's version of a hospital) include items for treatment and payment, and/or make an Egyptian calendar.
11/29/18 - Please complete vocabulary for a vocabulary quiz to be given on 12/6. Please review all 17 definitions from our plays and textbook notes for Tuesday's Quiz. 
11/26/18 - Please begin gather thoughts about the Nile River being a gift to the people of Egypt. This writing prompt will be your next quiz taken on 12/4.
11/14/18 - About the Nile reading and questions due Thursday, November 15, 2018.
11/5/18 - Mesopotamian Instagram is due Thursday, November 7th.
11/5/18 - We will be taking a section 4 Chp. 3 quiz in class Tuesday. You will be able to use your concept map, so please continue to add to it.
1/1/18 - Please complete Flocabulary - Fertile Crescent by Monday 11/5.
10/30/18 - Please complete Flocabulary - Hammurabi's Code by Thursday 11/1.
10/29/18 - Please add to Fertile Crescent concept map using your Cornell notes for 20-30 minutes. Bring your concept map to class tomorrow.
10/18/18 - Study your Cornell notes for all three section of our textbook covering the Sumerians (p.56-73) for a quiz on 10/25. Habits of the mind is due 10/22.
10/16/18 - Please begin studying your Sumerian Cornell notes for our upcoming quiz.
10/15/18 - Please complete Cornell Notes for pages 67-71 for next class on Sumerian Achievements.
10/4/18 - Please prepare for our Hunter-Gatherer quiz. The prompt is posted in the Google Classroom.
10/2/18 - Please complete your reflections from the Hunter-Gatherer game.
9/25/18 - Please complete 20 points of your choice in your product menu. Bring finished choices to turn-in and/or share with the class on 10/2.
9/24/18 - There will be a quiz on Thursday (9/27)  reviewing Early Hominids. Please study your interactive notebooks.
9/16/18 - Please read pages 28-31 and page 35 in your textbook. Add appropriately to your notes.
9/13/18 - Please complete your processing questions about today's cave activity. We will be having an assessment on 9/20 covering the study guide provided in your Google classroom.
9/11/18 - Please return your signed syllabus as soon as possible. A slice of civilization is due 9/18/18.
9/6/18 - Please bring your concept map entitled Why History? to class on 9/11.
8/30/18 - Please bring a house midden in your bag for  class on 9/4. Me/We is due 9/6.
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