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Social Studies 6

Welcome to Social Studies 6, Ancient Civilizations. We're going to have a great year studying and exploring Ancient Civilizations including: Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Hebrews, Rome, Greece, China, and India.
10/18/18 - Study your Cornell notes for all three section of our textbook covering the Sumerians (p.56-73) for a quiz on 10/25. Habits of the mind is due 10/22.
10/16/18 - Please begin studying your Sumerian Cornell notes for our upcoming quiz.
10/15/18 - Please complete Cornell Notes for pages 67-71 for next class on Sumerian Achievements.
10/4/18 - Please prepare for our Hunter-Gatherer quiz. The prompt is posted in the Google Classroom.
10/2/18 - Please complete your reflections from the Hunter-Gatherer game.
9/25/18 - Please complete 20 points of your choice in your product menu. Bring finished choices to turn-in and/or share with the class on 10/2.
9/24/18 - There will be a quiz on Thursday (9/27)  reviewing Early Hominids. Please study your interactive notebooks.
9/16/18 - Please read pages 28-31 and page 35 in your textbook. Add appropriately to your notes.
9/13/18 - Please complete your processing questions about today's cave activity. We will be having an assessment on 9/20 covering the study guide provided in your Google classroom.
9/11/18 - Please return your signed syllabus as soon as possible. A slice of civilization is due 9/18/18.
9/6/18 - Please bring your concept map entitled Why History? to class on 9/11.
8/30/18 - Please bring a house midden in your bag for  class on 9/4. Me/We is due 9/6.
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