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Science 6

6/12 - Please bring your completed heredity concept map to class on 6/14 (Period 4) and 6/15 (Period 1). You will be allowed to use it for your final writing assignment to be completed in class.
6/5 - Please bring your completed Genetics Project by 6/14 (Period 4) and 6/15 (Period 1). Please note: we will complete your traits during these class sessions. All other components of this assignment were completed in class aside from your two drawings, which are to be completed at home. All requirements with samples are posted in the whiteboard next to the agenda.
6/4 - Please complete Sickle Cell Anemia assignment by next class.
5/29 - Please bring your completed full grown zygote drawing by Thursday, May 31st.
5/22 - Please bring a colored photo of your parents by Friday, June 1st if possible. It can be their heads only. We will be observing traits and making genetic predictions. Your photos will not be altered and will only be viewed by you unless you choose to share them.
5/21 - Please prepare for your final Metabolism writing assignment. We will be writing essays in class this week. The prompt is posted in the Google classroom.
5/8 and 5/9 - Please complete annotated reading of the article found in section 3.2 of Amplify titled "Cellular Respiration" (if needed). Complete and turn-in homework question 3.2 of Amplify.
4/30 - Please study four condition notes along with reviewing Patient Stories articles found in the Amplify library for our quiz to be taken Thursday (Period 4) and Friday (Period 1).
4/19 - Please study for Microorganism Assessment to be given on Tuesday, April 24th (Period 4) and Wednesday, April 25th (Period 1).
4/18 - Please complete Soraya's Study by next class. This will be due on 4/19 for period 4 and 4/20 for period 1.
4/4 - Please complete your microbe along with a few sentences describing its job/daily activities and location/home for Thursday (Period 4) or Friday (Period 1). This assignment will be your final quarter 3 assignment.
4/3 - Please study student discussion activity on Chp. 1 section 3 (Microbes) for a quiz next class.
3/22 - Please see your Google classroom. They final writing assessment for our 9 Carbon Cycle lessons has been posted in the Google classroom. Come to class Monday with written response for peer editing and revision. Your final assessment will be written in class on Tuesday (Period 4) 3/27 and Wednesday (Period 1) 3/28. Please review your notes, multiple choice practice test, and Google classroom posting as study material.
3/14 and 15 - Review all of your Carbon Cycle notes, activities and classroom postings including videos and simulations. Spend 10-15 minutes a day doing so including the weekends. If you're not already doing this a regular basis, which several of you are, you should notice an improved level of your understanding.
3/12 - Please add to your Concept Map of Carbon Cycle for next class. Spend 20 - 30 minutes on this task.