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Science 6

There are six main areas of study that we will focus on this year including Engineering Design; Growth Development and Reproduction of Organisms; Structure, Function, and Information Processing; Earth’s Systems; Human Impact and Energy. All standards will focus on a deep understanding of concepts and their real-world applications.  Please see attached Instructional Shifts Required by the CA NGSS document below.
2/5/19 - Please begin view and collecting data about your parents' traits for class next week.
1/29/19 - Please complete page 22 in your workbook for next class.
1/28/19 - Please complete page 17 in your Traits and Reproduction workbook.
1/24/19 - Please complete Livingwise questions in your Google classroom. Activities and kit items are extra credit.
1/22/19 - Please complete lab dissection questions by next class. They are posted in your Google classroom.
1/15/19 - Enjoy your Livingwise Kits! Please share any of the home activities you complete with me for extra credit. Please complete 6 activities from your student workbook including three of your choice and three highlighted assignments by 1/25.
1/14/19 - Please complete your Futura Workspace assignments including Exit Ticket (Day 10) and Final Proposal (Individual) (Day 7) (Except Period 6).
1/8/19 - Please review your metabolism workbook for a final quiz to be taken on Monday, January 14th. It is very similar to the previously taken Critical Juncture.
1/7/19 - Please complete Day 1 research readings for next class about our disaster bar engineering task. Gather research phase.
12/17/18 - Reading articles "Blood Doping" and "Odd Organisms..." and/or completing workbook pages 81-89.
12/14/18 - Suggested homework includes: researching Lance Armstrong and his blood doping scandal, reading articles "Blood Doping" and "Odd Organisms..." and/or completing workbook pages 81-89.
12/4/18 - Please complete p. 70 of your Amplify workbook using the sim. Also, please add to your concept map, which you will use, for your upcoming body systems assessment. The prompt is posted in your Google classroom. The assessment will be taken in class on Thursday, December 13th and Friday, December 14.
12/3/18 - Please complete your breath rate lab and include two screenshots of both your hearth and breath rates in the Google document. Also, continue to add information to your Body System Concept Map.
11/28/18 - Please complete your reasoning tool and argumentative writing for Elisa and her parent for Monday 12/3. Please recall we must assume neither of them has a medical background. Some great resources for factual evidence (numbers) include the diagnosis flow charts, p. 15 of your workbook, p. 40 (run sim in diabetic mode), and Elisa's test results in p. 51 and 52 of your workbook.
11/27/18 - Please share with a family member about Elisa's case. Explain Diabetes in detail including diagnosis, impact on her body and treatment.
11/26/18 - Please reflect upon today's game on page 47 of your workbook.
11/14/18 - Please add to your concept map of human body systems for next class. 
11/6/18 - Please complete all workbook and Amplify pages for Metabolism pages 9-18 by next class. 
11/5/18 - Please note all students are eligible for reassessments on any assessment. Please consider doing so after school or during your lunch especially regarding scores of 0, 1, and 2.
11/1/18 - Please complete page 8 of your Metabolism Workbook using the Amplify Sim (Metabolism) by Monday 11/5.
10/30/18 - Please complete circulatory handout for class on Thursday 11/1 (Period 6) or Friday 11/2 (Period 1 and 5).
10/29/18 - Please watch the circulatory and respiratory system video posted in the Google classroom and take notes for class tomorrow.
10/18/18 - Please study for our upcoming quiz. There are videos, PowerPoints and notes to assist you. Our quiz over the digestive, muscular and skeletal systems will be on Friday, October 26th (Period 1 and 5) or Thursday, October 25th (Period 6).
10/16/18 - Please bring your completed Nutrient Sheet to class on Friday, October 19th (Period 1 and 5) or Thursday, October 18th (Period 6).
10/15/18 - Please bring your completed postcard from the digestive system to class on Friday, October 19th (Period 1 and 5) or Thursday, October 18th (Period 4). Correctly addressed postcards will be mailed via the USPS (United States Postal Service).
10/8/18 - Please review your microbiome workbook, notes, Amplify articles, Amplify activities, etc. for a final microbiome assessment on 10/12.
10/5/18 - Please review Amplify Science Microbiomes online (if you can login), workbook, notes, 7 articles and slideshows.
10/1/18 - Please study Venn, animal and bacteria cell diagrams for a quiz on  10/8 (Periods 1 and 5) and 10/9 (Period 6).
9/27/18 - Please review the parts of both animal and bacteria cells along with their functions.
9/24/18 - There will be a quiz on  9/28 (Period 1 and 5) and 9/27 (Period 6). Writing prompt is posted in Google classroom for preparation.
9/16/18 - Cell City Projects are due by  9/28 (Period 1 and 5) and 10/1 (Period 6).
9/14/18 - Please complete Parts of a Cell by  9/17 (Period 1 and 5) and 9/18 (Period 6).
9/11/18 - Please complete scientist project by  9/17 (Period 1 and 5) and 9/18 (Period 6).  Review Scaling tool.
9/6/18 - Please complete quick write 1.1 and bring your microorganism drawing along with a brief description by 9/11 (period 6) and 9/12 (periods 1 and 5).
9/4/18 - Please review and return your signed syllabus as soon as possible.
8/30/18 - In a Million Words or Less is due by 9/17, which is for parents and guardians to complete. Scientist are due 9/17 (Period 1 and 5) and 9/18 (Period 6). Please be sure to review grading rubric and requirements associated with this assignment.