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Book Reports are due on Monday, June 4, 2018- so make sure you get your project done and you practice presenting it aloud.  We will start the presentations on that day! 

Work on your Book Report if you finished reading your Novel.  (Assignment options located inside Google Classroom).

If you need help come see me after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:50pm - 3:50pm.



Monday, 6/11 to Friday, 6/15

Book Report Presentations all next week!!!

Wednesday, 6/6/18

1. Make sure to practice for your Book Report Presentation if you haven't don't it yet!

Tuesday, 6/5/18

Practice your presentation of you book report!! 

If you didn't turn it in on Monday, make sure to bring it tomorrow for partial credit!!!!!!

Monday, 6/4/18

Practice your presentations!


Tuesday, 5/28/18 - Friday, 6/1/18

Work on your Book Report, it is due on Monday, 6/4/18!

Monday, 5/21/18 - Friday, 5/25/18

1.Finish reading your Novel for Quarter 4

2. Work on your Quarter 4 book report project.  Due on Monday, June 4th!!! Presentations will begin on that day!

3. There will be a College Activity Assigned in Google Classroom on Wednesday, 5/13/18 that will be due Wednesday 5/30/18.  

Monday, 5/14/18 - Thursday, 5/17/18

1. Organize your Binder and your Google Drive - Due on Friday, 5/18/18


Thursday, 5/10/18

1. Make sure to do the College Activity on Google Classroom. Due on Friday, 5/11/18.

Monday, 5/7/18

1. Make sure to do the College Activity on Google Classroom. Due on Friday, 5/11/18.

Friday, 5/4/18

1. Make sure to do the College Activity on Google Classroom. Due on Friday, 5/11/18.

Tuesday, 4/24/18

1. Finish your Grade Check, located in Google Classroom.  It is due on Wednesday, 4/25/18. I will not accept it late!! Finish it tonight because you will not have time to do it in class tomorrow due to the In it to Win it Competitions tomorrow.  

Monday, 4/23/18

1. Complete your Grade Check located in Google Classroom. Due on Wednesday, 4/25/18! I will not accept it late! 

Friday, 4/20/18

1. Grade Check for the end of Quarter 3 due on Wednesday, 4/25/18 (no extensions, make sure to do the assignment or receive a zero)! Grade Check Form located inside Google Classroom.

Tuesday, 4/17/18

Practice your Book Report Project Presentation

Monday, April 16, 2018

Practice your Book Report Project Presentation.

Friday, April 6, 2018

1. Practice for your Book Report Presentation if you haven't presented yet.  We will continue them when we return.

2. IF you owe me any work from this Quarter, you must turn that work in ASAP. After we return the grades will be final!!!

Friday, 3/30/18

1. Make sure to turn in your Book Report on Monday, 4/2/18. We start presenting on Monday, 4/2/18.  Practice your presentation of your project.

2. All the following work is due today:

  • Grade Check Quarter 3
  • Summary of Novel Chapters 1-3 and Chapter 4-6
  • Baylor University Facts and Google Slide Questions

Thursday, 3/29/18

1. Finish your Book Report

2. Finish your missing assignments for partial credit!

Wednesday, 3/28/18

1. Finish your Book Report it is due on Friday, 3/30/18 (extra points) Ok to turn in on Monday, 4/2/18

2. Finish any missing assignments for partial credit!

Tuesday, 3/27/18

1. Work on your Book Report it is due Friday, 3/30/18

2. Finish your Summaries and turn it into Google Classroom. (partial credit)

3. Finish your Baylor University Activity (partial credit)

Monday, 3/26/18

1. Work on your Book Report. It is due on Friday, 3/30/18 (The menu options are located in Google Classroom.)

2. Your Novel Summaries for Chapters 1-3 and 4-6 are due this evening if you didn't go to camp.  All Camp students your work is due by Friday, 3/30/18. Fill out the document in Google Classroom and turn it in when you finish.

3. Your Grade Check was due last Friday Night, however if you didn't turn it in, you still have to do it.  You can earn partial credit if you turn it in tonight.  Those who were absent last Friday, you can turn it in tomorrow at the latest. 

4. Your Baylor University facts and questions are also due tonight.  If you went to camp you can turn it in on Friday, 3/30/18 as well.  Everyone else must get it turned in by Midnight tonight for full credit. After today it is late and will only you will only receive partial credit if it is late.


Friday, 3/23/18

1. Grade Check is due by Midnight tonight!!

2. Novel Summaries due on Monday, 3/26/18

  • If you were at camp then your summaries are due on Friday, 3/30/18
3. Quarter 3 Book Report Projects due on Friday, 3/30/18,
  • All students must have an idea of what they want to do by this weekend and should start working on the projects. Be ready to share with Ms. Trotter on Monday, 3/26/18, which project you will be doing.
  • Presentations begin on Monday 4/2/18
  • Camp students can turn projects in on Monday, 4/2/18 and begin presentations on Tuesday, 4/3/1

Monday, 3/19/18 - Thursday, 3/22/18

1. Your Grade Check is due on Friday, 3/22/18. Located inside Google Classroom.

2. Work on your Novel Summaries for the first 6 chapters in your book.  The document is located inside Google Classroom, it is due on March 26, 2018.

3. Start planning your End of Quarter 3 Book Report Project.  The assignment choices are located inside Google Classroom.  The due date is March 30, 2018.  We will began presentations on April 2, 2018.

Monday, 3/12/18

1. Make sure to read your third chapter in your Novel. You can start working on the summary assignment inside Google Classroom for the first three chapters.  It is due on Monday 3/26/18.

2. Do your Grade Check for Quarter 3. It is also located inside Google Classroom. Due on 3/23/18.


Thursday, 3/8/18

1. Work on your Grade Check for Quarter 3. It is located inside Google Classroom.  Due date 3/23/18.

2. Make sure to finish reading your first 2 chapters in your novel for the quarter.


Wednesday, 3/7/18

1. Make sure to read another chapter inside your novel tonight. You need to have 2 chapters completed by Friday. 

2. All missing work is due by tonight.  I will update the grades this evening.

Monday, 3/5/18

  1. Read the 1st chapter of your Novel.
  2. Complete your missed assignments inside Google Classroom. (Check the Portal to see what you are missing.)

Friday, 12/1/17

1. Create 2-3 Questions about the first three chapters of your novel. 
2. Create an Answer Key for your 2-3 questions.
3. Have them ready for class on Monday, 12/4. You will be using them for your group discussion.

Thursday, 10/19/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project: Due 10/25/17

2. Check the Google Classroom Assignments for the Quarter 1 Book Report Project to see the day you will present.  Your project must be completed by Wednesday, 10/25/17. 

Wednesday, 10/18/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project: Due 10/25/17

Tuesday, 10/17/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project: Due 10/25/17

Monday, 10/16/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project.

Monday, 9/18/17

1. Make sure to read for 20-30 minutes the new book you are reading with your group members.

2. Make sure your complete the survey with your parents. It was due weeks ago! Your Portal grade shows it missing if you haven't done it yet.

Friday, 9/15/17

1. Make sure to bring a Novel to read (or anything you wish to read, magazine, comic book, etc) everyday.

2. Make sure you and your parents fill out the Student/Parent Survey if you haven't already. The link is located inside the NewsFlash section of the website and inside Google Classroom as an assignment.

Thursday, 8/31/17

  1. Get a novel (or magazine/comic book) to read in class  (First reading day will be on Tuesday)
  2. Get your Syllabus Signed
  3. Get your supplies (First Binder Check will be next Friday, 9/8/17)