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Discussion Questions for your new novel. Due Monday, 12/4/17


Friday, 12/1/17

1. Create 2-3 Questions about the first three chapters of your novel. 
2. Create an Answer Key for your 2-3 questions.
3. Have them ready for class on Monday, 12/4. You will be using them for your group discussion.

Thursday, 10/19/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project: Due 10/25/17

2. Check the Google Classroom Assignments for the Quarter 1 Book Report Project to see the day you will present.  Your project must be completed by Wednesday, 10/25/17. 

Wednesday, 10/18/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project: Due 10/25/17

Tuesday, 10/17/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project: Due 10/25/17

Monday, 10/16/17

1. Work on your Book Report Project.

Monday, 9/18/17

1. Make sure to read for 20-30 minutes the new book you are reading with your group members.

2. Make sure your complete the survey with your parents. It was due weeks ago! Your Portal grade shows it missing if you haven't done it yet.

Friday, 9/15/17

1. Make sure to bring a Novel to read (or anything you wish to read, magazine, comic book, etc) everyday.

2. Make sure you and your parents fill out the Student/Parent Survey if you haven't already. The link is located inside the NewsFlash section of the website and inside Google Classroom as an assignment.

Thursday, 8/31/17

  1. Get a novel (or magazine/comic book) to read in class  (First reading day will be on Tuesday)
  2. Get your Syllabus Signed
  3. Get your supplies (First Binder Check will be next Friday, 9/8/17)