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Period 1 Social Studies


Retesting Opportunity for Students who earned a "D" or "F"!
  • Do the Error Analysis and Action Plans for both the Chapter 2 Test and Chapter 3.1 Test.   
  • The highest score that can be earned will be a 75%, "C". 
  • Date for Make Up test is tentatively scheduled on Tuesday, 11/13 and Wednesday, 11/14 after school from 2:55 pm to 3:55 pm.


Updated: New test date Chapter 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 will be given on Friday, 11/16/18! Your voices were heard! 




Wednesday, 11/7/18
1. Do the 3.1 Short Response Test Error Analysis. Do the action plan if you are retaking the test.
2. Work on the 3.2 Path to Mastery # 5-7, everything due on Friday, 11/16/18.
3. Chapter 3 Test on Friday, 11/16/18
Monday, 11/5/18
1. Finish Path to Mastery #5-7 for chapter 3.2 (all final work will be taken by 11/16, however I HIGHLY recommend you turn your work in sooner if it is completed.)
2. Quizziz Chapter 3.2 (try to get 100% three times)
3. Work on your Error Analysis and Action Plan for Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.1
Friday, 11/2/18
1. Work on your Path to Mastery #1-4 due tonight by 5:00 pm.
2. Optional: Work on Path to Mastery #5-7 (It will be due on Wednesday, 11/7)
3. Work on your Error Analysis and Action Plan for the Chapter 2 and 3.1 Test, due 11/14 at the latest. Directions located in Google Classroom.  Make up Test After School on 11/13 and/or 11/14.
4. Test on Chapter 3.2 on Friday, 11/9/18 - See the list above for study tips!
Tuesday, 10/30/18
1. Work on your Chapter 3.2 Workshop Path to Mastery Activities #1-4
2. When you finish you can turn them all into the assignment titled, "Turn in all of your 3.2 Work here" that was posted on Monday, 10/29. You will need to add all the assignments into this location.
Monday, 10/29/18
1. Finish working on #2 and 3 from the Workshop Path to Mastery
2. Optional: Do # 4 in the Workshop Path to Mastery
Friday, 10/26/18
1. Finish your Questions and Summary for your 3.1 Cornell Notes from class.
2. Finish the Workshop "Path to Mastery" activity #1 in Google Classroom (Newsela Assignment)
3. Study for your 3.1 Test (see study tips on my website and in IC (Infinite Campus) in the email section)
4. Optional: Workshop #2-4 (pace yourselves, because we will be doing all of this next week) only!
Wednesday, 10/24/18
1. Finish the Day 2 questions for the First Civilization Simulation.
2. Do your 3.2 Cornell Notes (notes only) if you haven't done them yet.
3. Organize your Spiral Notebooks (pictures loaded in Google Classroom to help)
4. Study for your Chapter 3.1 Test - Monday, 10/29 is the day of the Test
5. See the list above for Study Tips! (New: Play Quizziz for Chapter 3.1 Review in Google Classroom)
Monday, 10/22/18
1. Finish any missed assignments from last week that you haven't completed.
  • Map Activity
  • 3.1 Cornell Notes Summary
  • A Rich Land : Short Response Questions
  • Chapter 3.2 Questions on page 66
  • 3.2 Cornell Notes - Notes only
  • Chapter 3.3/3.4 Vocabulary Chart 
Friday, 10/19/18 (All work due on Wednesday, 10/24)
1. Finish your Map Activity from class.
2. Finish your 3.1 Summary if you haven't yet.
3. Finish your "A Rich Land" Short Response Questions from Wednesday, located in Google Classroom.
4. Read pages 60-66 in the textbook.
5. Do the question on page 66, #1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, and 3 on the page.
6. Finish the Cornell Notes for 3.2 from pages 62-66 (notes only)
7. Optional: Vocabulary Chart 3.3 and 3.4
Wednesday, 10/17/18
1. Finish your Vocabulary Chart 3.1 and 3.2 due Friday, 10/19
2. Finish the 3.1 Direct Reading Questions from class today, due Friday, 10/19
3. Finish the Close Read and Questions in the back of the "A Rich Land" article.
4. Do the Short Response Questions for the "A Rich Land" article in Google Classroom.
5. Optional: Do the 3.3 and 3.4 Vocabulary Chart
Monday, 10/15/18
1. Vocabulary Chart 3.1 and 3.2, due Friday, 10/19/18
2. Finish 3.1 Direct Reading Questions.
3. Optional:
  • Vocabulary Chart 3.3 and 3.4
  • Brain Pop Video Notes
    • 1/2 page of notes from Sumerian Video 
    • Take the Quiz 
Friday, 10/12/18
1. Turn in all Chapter 2 work (Ch 2 Voc Chart, Cornell Notes 2.2 and 2.3, etc.)
2. Read pages 52-59 in the textbook.
3. Do the 3.1 Cornell Notes pages 56-59 (notes only). Template attached.
4. Start the Chapter 3 Vocabulary Chart - 3.1 and 3.2 due on Friday, 10/19 (words and template attached)
5. Work on your Project - due on Monday, 10/15
Wednesday, 10/10/18
1. Finish putting your Social Studies Spiral Notebook Together 
  • I loaded up the pictures for the pages into the assignment titled " Interactive Notebook Pages" in Google Classroom.
2. Finish checking your Study Guide and Study it, your test is on Friday, 10/12/18.
3. Work on your Chapter 2 Project - it is due on Monday, 10/15/18
4. To Help you study I loaded up a Quizziz for Chapter 2 into Google Classroom. It will remain open so that you can play the game as often as you like.  It will help your prepare for the test. 
Monday, 10/8/18
1. Finish your 2.3 Cornell Note (Questions Only)
2. Finish your Chap 2 Study Guide - Test on Friday, 10/12
3. Work on your Chapter 2 Projects - due Monday, 10/15
4. Study for your Chapter 2 Test
Friday, 10/5/18
1. Finish your Cornell Notes Summary for Chapter 2.2 that we started in class.
  • To do this you need to make sure to answer the Essential Question first (sentence 1 in your paragraph)
  • Next chose any of the questions from your left side of the notes to answer, and make these your next 3-4 sentences.
  • Finally end your summary paragraph with a closing sentence. 
2. Work on your Chapter 2 Study Guide Vocabulary and Questions due on Wednesday, 10/10/18. (we will correct them in class, so come prepared)
3. Work on your Chapter 2 Project - Due Monday, 10/15/18
  • If you are doing the Kitchen project or the Tera Amata Camp project, come see me about an additional direction handout.
4. Optional: 
  • If you need additional things to help you prepare for the test, you can work on the next set of Cornell Notes for Chapter 2.3, located inside Google Classroom.  I started the notes so you can finish them.  We will work on this on Monday in class.
Wednesday, 10/3/18
1. Test on Friday, October 12th on Chapter 2, so you need to do the following to prepare:
-Start your study guide, located inside Google Classroom - Due on Wednesday, 10/10/18
- Study your Vocabulary definitions from your Vocabulary Chart
- Study your Hunter Gatherer Circle Map that we did in class
-Study your Hominid Articles and Circle Charts from class
- Study the 2.1 Direct Reading Questions located inside Google Classroom (my answer key is posted there also)
2. Optional: Start working on your Chapter 2 Project that I introduced to you in class today. This is due on Monday, 10/15.
Monday, 10/1/18
1. Reread and finish highlighting the important information in the Hominid Articles (Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus).
2. Fill out the Circle Maps for each of the three Hominids from class today.
3. Finish your Vocabulary Chart for Chapters 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3
Friday, 9/28/18
1. Finish your Newsela Writing Assignment. (Due Monday, 10/1)
a. Remember to quote evidence from the article to support your answers.
2. Work on your Vocabulary Chart (Now due on Wednesday, 10/3)
a. Do your definitions (if you haven't yet)
b. Do your sentences and your Pictures
3. Finish your Close Read of the Hominid Article you started in class today. (Due Monday, 10/1)
4. Fill out your Circle Chart using the highlighted part of your article. (Due Monday, 10/1)
Wednesday, 9/26/18
1. Finish your Newsela Article Close Read and Quiz Activity
2. Work on the Vocabulary Chart - Remember the final draft is due on Monday, 10/1, so pace out the work, tonight start out with definitions. Do an additional activity daily until it is completed. (Definitions can be found for section 2.1 on pages 28-35 for section 2.2 on pages 36-39 or all words in the back of the book in the glossary section)
3. Do your Close Read of the Tools Article - Only do the Take it! and the Break it! (Read it and highlight important facts)
Monday, 9/24/18
1. Go onto the Newsela Link in the assignment. Sign in using Google (You don't need a code, you all are already loaded into my class.  You should automatically see the article that's been assigned.
2. Do a Close Read of the Article, that means to, Read the Article, Highlight in the document the important information, and Annotate by typing what you think about the important information inside the document.
3. Do the Questions in the "Activities" tab in the top corner of the webpage. DON'T DO THE WRITING YET!
4. Read pages 28-35 inside your Social Studies Textbook.
Friday, 9/21/18
  •  Finish the Cave Art Processing Questions in Google Classroom. 
1. Answer the questions attached to the Google Classroom Document
2. Provide lots of details to support your answers, you must write complete sentences and you may use evidence from the Artifact Articles, you can use the videos in the attached links, and you can find other resources online to support your answers. 
3. Remember the more detail and evidence you use in your writing the better your score will be. Try to write at least two sentences or more for your answers. If you do the minimum then your grade will be the minimum. 

Wednesday, 9/19/18
NO Homework/No School
Monday, 9/17/18
1. No Homework, unless you didn't complete your work from last week.
Wednesday, 9/5/18
1. Read the syllabus with your parents, get it signed and return it on Thursday, 9/6/18
2. Get your supplies (see the syllabus), due Wednesday, 9/12/18
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