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Period 3: Science




Friday, 11/9/18

1. Study the vocabulary for 1.1, 1.2,1.3, 2.1 and 2.3

2. Do (100% 3 times)

Wednesday, 11/7/18

1. Close Read the entire Article.

  • Each section write:
    • Question you have (label it "Q:")
    • Write what you learned from the section (label it "L:")
    • Write a one-two sentence Summary of the sections.
2. Answer the question on page 38 of the Amplify workbook about the article.
3. Do the Quizziz for 1.1-2.3 (try to get 100% twice)
4. In Amplify finish Chapter 2 Lesson 2.3 tab 4 from class, hand it in when you finish it.

Monday, 11/5/18

1. Finish the 2.3 Frame Game Activity

Friday, 11/2/18

1. Finish Newsela "Poop Pill" Article

  • Close Read - finish it if not done
  • Quiz Activity
  • Writing Activity
2. Frame Game 2.3

Tuesday, 10/30/18

1. Study for your Vocabulary Test: 

  • Game Frames 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ,and 2.1
  • Quizziz 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 2.1
2. Newsela Activities
  • Finish your Close Read 
  • Do the Quiz in Activities tab

Monday, 10/29/18

1. Study for your Vocabulary Test - Do the Quizziz 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 2.1 again or study all of your Frame Games - Test on Friday, 11/2/18

2. Complete the Video Activities - Make sure to do the notes and summary for all five videos inside Edpuzzle. (Ok to do in your notebook or in a Google Document).

3. Optional: Newsela Poop Pill Close Read Activity.

  • Remember highlight important information in each section
  • Also remember to write a questions in each section
  •  Write down something you learned in each section
  • Write a summary: 1-2 sentence(s) for each section. 

Friday, 10/26/18

1. Study for your upcoming quiz by doing Quizziz 1.1-2.1 multiple times (until you get 100% twice in a row). Test on Friday, 11/2.
2. Finish your 3 Video Activities in Edpuzzle-2 from last night and 1 from today. Notes and summary.
3. Do the On the Fly Activity in Google Classroom.

4, Optional: Do the other video activities if you want too.

Wednesday, 10/24/18

1. Instead of finding videos to watch, I've assigned a couple for you. 
2. Do the two video activities attached to the Google Classroom Homework assignment for today. The directions are located inside each document. 
3. If you don't want to type your notes and summary in the attached document, it is okay for you to write the 1/2 page notes and the 1 paragraph summary inside your Science Spiral Notebook.

Monday, 10/22/18

1. Do the Quizziz 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 2.1 Again (4th time 100%)
2. Reread the Human Microbiome Article from class

Friday, 10/19/18

Everything due Wednesday, 10/24

1. Do the Quizziz 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 2.1 (all in one game) assigned in Google Classroom. Remember to get 100% twice.

2. Finish the "Fast Finishers Microorganism Web Activity" located in Google Classroom (all the boxes must be completed)

3. Finish your Close Read of the "Human Microbiome" Article only page 1 needs to be done.

  • Make sure to do the following for each of the two sections on the page:
    • Write a question that comes to your mind as you read.
    • Write one thing you learned from the section.
    • Write a 1 or 2 sentence summary about the section.
4. Optional: You can do the entire Close Read if you want too.  You don't have to do it tonight because we will do it in class on Wednesday, 10/24.

Wednesday, 10/16/18

1. Finish the Microorganism Interactive Web Activity "A", "B", and "C" sections.

2. Frame Game 2.1 (remember to color it)

3. Optional: Do "D" and "E" in the Microorganism Interactive Web Activity.

Monday, 10/15/18

1. Finish your Microorganism Essay, print it out and bring it to class when completed.

2. Optional: Work on the Microorganism Interactive Website Activity, we will work on this in class on Wednesday.

Friday, 10/12/18

1. Do page 22 in your Amplify Workbook.

  • Make sure to write at least 10 sentences and include the vocabulary words 

Wednesday, 10/10/18

1. Finish Workbook pages 16 and 18

2. Redo the Quizziz for 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 (get 100% one more time for each game)

3. Study for your Vocabulary Test on Monday, 10/15/18.

Monday, 10/8/18

1. Finish your Chapter 1.3 Vocabulary Frame Game
2. Finish your SuperSize Microorganism
  • Make sure to draw it and color it
  • Make sure to write a few sentences to describe the organism and its function
3. Finish pages 14 and 15 in your workbook
4. Vocabulary Quiz on Chapter 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 on Monday, 10/15

Friday, 10/5/18

1. Finish the Quizziz 1.1 and 1.2 Vocabulary Game (remember you need 100% two times for full credit) due at 8:00 pm tonight.

2. Remember to finish any of the missing assignments you owe me, by checking in Infinite Campus for your grades to see what you are missing and also looking at Google Classroom for the directions on how to complete the assignments.


Wednesday, 10/3/18

1. Do workbook pages 8 and 9 if you didn't finish it in class.

2. Go into amplified Chp 1.2 online, watch the video called, "How Small is a Cell" and answer the following three questions: 

-What surprised your about scale of cells?

-What did you know that was confirmed by the video?

- What else did you find interesting in the video? (write everything that interested you)

3. Go into Google Classroom and play the Quizziz Game for Chapter 1.1 and 1.2 Vocabulary. Try to get 100% two times in a row.  You can play the game multiple times. 

Friday, 9/28/18

1. Finish the Vocabulary Worksheet from class

a. Use either the Glossary inside Amplified in Chapter 1 Lesson 1 (see the link on the right hand side) for the definitions, or use Google Search to find the definitions to the words on the sheet.

b. For "Student Definition" - Write the definition in your own words.

c. For Pronunciation you must go into Google Search and type, "Pronunciation of Microorganism" or what ever the word is to find the proper way to write the pronunciation of the word.

d. Draw a picture to help you remember the word (color it).

2. If you didn't finish your Cell City Activity, finish it and turn it in on Monday, 10/1/18.

Wednesday, 9/26/18

1. Finish your Cell City Final Draft - Remember to put the proper heading on the top of the page.
2. If you haven't already, finish gluing all the pages into your Science Spiral Notebook, use the blue check off sheet to see the order you need to glue everything into the notebook.

Monday, 9/24/18

1. Finish the sketch of your Rough Draft drawing of the Cell City Activity.
2. Optional: Go ahead and start the Final Draft of the Cell City on the Large paper you got from me in class if you feel that you are ready. It will be due at the end of class on Wednesday, 9/26/18.
3. Print out your Cell City Activity 1 Chart you completed for homework last night. Bring it to class on Wednesday, 9/26/18.

Friday, 9/21/18

1. Finish the Cell Activity 1 Chart in Google Classroom.

  • See the directions in Google Classroom for the entire project, called "Cell City Directions".
  • Then go into the Cell Activity 1 assignment for the Chart that you must fill out for homework this weekend.
  • Remember to use all the website links located in the "Cell Website Activity" assignment in Google Classroom. It will also help you remember the functions for the organelles in each of your cells. You can also re-watch all of the videos located inside Google Classroom under "Cell Videos".

Wednesday, 9/19/18

1. No School/No Homework

Monday, 9/17/18

1. Finish your Bacteria Worksheet. All due on Friday, 9/21/18


Wednesday, 9/5/18

1. Syllabus signed due Friday, 9/7/18

2. Finish your Perseverance Walk Activity from class.

3. Get your supplies, (see the syllabus) due Wednesday, 9/12/18.

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Period 3: 83slhu


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