Monique Trotter » Period 6: Speech/Debate

Period 6: Speech/Debate


Peer Speeches will be on Thursday, 11/15/18! Practice Practice Practice!!!


Tuesday, 11/13/18
1. Practice your Speech. Presentations start on Thursday, 11/15/18
2. Finish your Peer Portrait (At least 6 pictures in the back ground, okay to draw more)
Thursday, 11/8/18
 1. Finish Writing your Speech due Tuesday, 11/12
2. Watch the Edpuzzle video "How to Give a Speech"
Tuesday, 11/6/18
No homework
Monday, 11/5/18
1. Get your Syllabus Signed and return it to class on Tuesday, 11/6/18

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Period 6: m0qhf8q



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