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Period 4 Social Studies


Retesting Opportunity for Students who earned a "D" or "F"!
  • Do the Error Analysis and Action Plans for both the Chapter 2 Test and Chapter 3.1 Test.   
  • The highest score that can be earned will be a 75%, "C". 
  • Date for Make Up test is tentatively scheduled on Tuesday, 11/13 and Wednesday, 11/14 after school from 2:55 pm to 3:55 pm.


Tuesday, 11/13/18
1. Chapter 3.3 Cornell Notes (Notes ONLY) for pages 67-71
2. Start #1 for the 3.3 Path to Mastery Activities - Get the paper before you leave.
Thursday, 11/8/18
1. Finish 3.2 Path to Mastery #1-7 all due on Tuesday, 11/13
2. Finish Error Analysis and Action Plans for Chapter 2 and 3.1
3. Read page 67-71 in the textbook.
4. Do the questions on page 71 (Assignment in Google Classroom)
5. Optional: 3.3 Cornell Notes (notes only) assignment in Google Classroom
Monday, 11/5/18
1. Finish 3.2 Path to Mastery #5-7 due on Tuesday, 11/13.
2. Quizziz Chp 3.2 (100% three times)
3. Work on Error Analysis and Action Plan for Chp 2 and 3.1
4. Make up Test will be next week on Tuesday, 11/13 and Wednesday, 11/14 After school.
Thursday, 11/1/18
1. Work on Path to Mastery Workshop # 1-4 due on Friday by 5:00 pm.
2. Turn the work into the assignment titled, "Turn all 3.2 Work Here!"
Tuesday, 10/30/18
1. Work on your Chapter 3.2 Workshop Path to Mastery Activities #1-4
2. When you finish you can turn them all into the assignment titled, "Turn in all of your 3.2 Work here" that was posted on Monday, 10/29. You will need to add all the assignments into this location.

Monday, 10/29/18

1. 3.2 Workshop Path to Mastery: # 2-3 

2. Optional: 3.2 Workshop Path to Mastery: #4

Thursday, 10/25/18

1. Do the Quizziz (Link below) You can play this game over and over. Remember your Test is on Monday, 10/29/18.
2. Remember to study for your test. See the website or the email in IC (portal) for what and how to study.
3. Work on your Path to Mastery Workshop Time activity #1 - this one is due Monday, 10/29
4. Optional: Okay to start the other Path to Mastery Workshop Time Activities #2-7 (You have the next 6 calendar days to work on this, including time in class, so don't try to do it all in one night.)

Tuesday, 10/23/18

1. Finish your Day 2 Questions inside Google Classroom.

2. Do your 3.2 Cornell Notes (notes only) for pages 62-66

3. Correct your Short Response Questions (answer key will be posted in Google Classroom) Make sure to fix your errors in your document or on your paper.

4. Finish your questions on page 66 if not done yet. We will correct these in class on Thursday, 10/25.

5. Test on 3.1 on Monday, 10/29

Study Tips:

  • Study and review your 3.1 Cornell Notes
  • Study and review your 3.1 Vocabulary Chart (definitions)
  • Study and review your 3.1 Direct Reading questions (make sure to check your answers- key in Google Classroom in the original assignment)
  • A Rich Land - reread article, look over questions on the back, and study answers to Short Response Questions.
  • Review your Map Activity
  • Reread pages 62-66 in the Textbook.

Monday, 10/22/18

1. Finish any missed assignments from last week that you haven't completed.
  • Map Activity
  • 3.1 Cornell Notes Summary
  • A Rich Land : Short Response Questions
  • Chapter 3.2 Questions on page 66
  • 3.2 Cornell Notes - Notes only
  • Chapter 3.3/3.4 Vocabulary Chart 

 Thursday, 10/18/18

1. Do your summary of your 3.1 Cornell Notes if you haven't finished it yet.

2. Finish the Short Response Questions in Google Classroom about the article, "A Rich Land" if you didn't finish it in class today.

3. Read pages 60-66 in your Social Studies Textbook.

4. Do the questions 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, and 3 on page 66, its okay to do it in your notebook or to do it in a Google Document. You don't have to write the questions, but you do need to write your answers in complete sentences with part of the question in your answer:

  • For Example: 1a. What was the basic political unit of Sumer?  The basic political unit of Sumer was ___________. 
5. Optional: Do the 3.2 Cornell Notes (notes only) for pages 62-66.

Tuesday, 10/16/18

1. Vocabulary Chart 3.1 and 3.2 due Friday, 10/19

2. Finish Map Activity from class, use pages 57, 63, and 76 to help you complete it. Make sure to label and color the appropriate parts on the map.

3. Finish the "A Rich Land" Article Close Read and Questions on the Back Activity from class today.

4. Check and Correct your 3.1 Direct Reading Questions from class today (answer key inside the original assignment)

5. Optional: 

  • Do the short response questions about the "A Rich Land" article inside Google Classroom (We will work on this in class Thursday)

Monday, 10/15/18

1. Vocabulary Chart 3.1 and 3.2 due Thursday, 10/18

2. Cornell Notes 3.1 Summary from class

3. Do your 3.1 Direct Reading Questions from class

4. Optional: 

  • Voc Chart 3.3 and 3.4
  • Brain Pop Video Sumerian 1/2 page notes
  • Take the Quiz

Friday, 10/12/18

1. Do the summary for your 3.1 Cornell Notes - Due Monday 10/15

2. Finish your Chapter 2 Project.- Due 10/15

3. Finish the 3.1 Direct Reading Questions in Google Classroom. Due 10/15

4. Work on your Vocabulary Chart for 3.1 and 3.2 - Due Thursday, 10/18

Thursday, 10/11/18

1. Reread pages 52-59
2.Do your Cornell Notes (Notes only) for Chapter 3.1 pages 56-59 (Due Friday, 10/12)
3. Do the Vocabulary Chart for your Chapter 3 Vocabulary Words (Only words from 3.1 and 3.2 are Due Thursday, 10/18)
4. Finish your Chp 2 Projects - Due Monday, 10/15

Tuesday, 10/9/18

1. Finish your 2.3 Cornell Notes (Questions and Summary) Study them.

2. Check your answers for the Study Guide (Answer key posted in the original Assignment and here) - Study it.

3. Finish your Chapter 2 Project - Due Monday, 10/15

4. Study for your Test - Test on Thursday, 10/11
5. Optional: You can put your notebook together if you want, (I will give your the table of content pages so leave space in your notebook for them).  The pages are located in Google Classroom under the assignment called, "Interactive Notebook Pages".

Thursday, 10/4/18

1. Finish your one paragraph summary of your Chp. 2.2 Cornell Notes from class today.
2. Finish working on your Chp, 2 Study Guide Questions
3. Start working on your Chp. 2 Project
4. Optional: Start working on your Chp 2.3 Cornell notes from pages 40-43 by filling out the notes section only in the attached template.

5. Don't forget to study your work for test on Chapter 2 next week. (Go over your work and notes for about 10-15 minutes)

Tuesday, 10/2/18

1. Study the following:

  • Vocabulary Words for Chapter 2 (all 15 words)
  • Hunter Gatherers Circle Maps
  • Hominid Circle Maps (review all 5 maps and review the articles if you need to)
2. Work on your Study Guide located inside Google Classroom.
3. Optional: You can start your Chapter 2 Project - Project due on Monday, 10/15
4. Chapter 2 Test on Thursday, 10/11 next week. 

Monday, 10/1/18

1. Reread and finish highlighting the important information in the Hominid Articles (Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus).
2. Fill out the Circle Maps for each of the three Hominids from class today.
3. Finish your Vocabulary Chart for Chapters 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3

Thursday, 9/27/18

1. Finish highlighting the Hominid Article from class.
2. Finish filling out the circle map about your hominid, using the highlighted information from the article, you only have to bullet, if you run out of space use the back.
3. Finish the Newsela Close Read and Quiz if you haven't completed it yet.
4. Correct your Questions from class by Sunday. Drivers turn it in by 7pm.
5. Change of the due date for the Vocabulary Chart. It is now due on Tuesday, 10/2/18.

Tuesday, 9/25/18

1. Finish Newsela from last night if you didn't complete it.  

2. Optional: Newsela Writing Activity - remember to use evidence from the article to support your answers.

3. Tools Article Activity from class.  Remember to finish your section and to use your partners information to finish the rest of the document (See Google Classroom for the detailed directions)

4. Start your Chapter 2 Vocabulary Chart.  Remember the chart isn't due until October 1st, but try to do the definitions tonight, then work on the sentences Thursday night, then do the pictures over the weekend, so that you have it completed and you aren't rushing to do it all on Sunday night. (The definitions are located inside your textbook in Chapter 2.1 pages 28-35 and Chapter 2.3 pages 36-39, you can also find the definitions in the back of the book in the Glossary section.)


Monday, 9/24/18

1. Go onto the Newsela Link inside Google Classroom. Don't hit the "JOIN" button, go to the top right hand corner and hit "Sign In"  Click onto Google to sign in and it will take you directly to my classroom. YOU DON'T NEED A CODE. 
2. Do a Close Read of the Article, that means to, Read the Article, Highlight in the document the important information, and Annotate by typing what you think about the important information inside the document. 
3. Do the Questions in the "Activities" tab in the top corner of the webpage. DON'T DO THE WRITING YET!
4. Read pages 28-35 inside your Social Studies Textbook.

Thursday, 9/20/18

Do your Poster Collage 
1.Go through your Social Studies Textbook and look for pictures that you find interesting. It should be something that makes you feel you really want to learn about what's in that image.
2. Next you can draw a mini versions of that picture onto a small sheet of paper. Remember to color it.
3. If you don't want to draw you can print out images on Google Images. To do this create a Google Document, copy and paste all your images onto one page, then print that one page out. After you print it you should cut those images out and bring them to class so you can paste it on your poster. If they are not color printed make sure to color them.
4. This is due on Tuesday, so you will have a little time to work on it on Monday.

Tuesday, 9/18/18

1. The only work you need to do, is check to see if you are missing any work that you owe me.
2. If you are missing work, make sure to complete it and turn it in Thursday (Unless we made other arrangements).
3. Otherwise, no homework for today.
Thursday, 9/13/18

1. Finish the World Cafe Reflection located inside Google Classroom. The video has been attached to the assignment.

Tuesday, 9/4/18

1. Syllabus read and signed by parent. Return to class on Thursday, 9/6/18.

2. Supplies (see syllabus) due Tuesday, 9/11/18

3. Finish your ME/WE from class last week.


Thursday, 9/6/18

1. Finish filling out the Reflection Box on the worksheet from class due Tuesday, 9/11/18

  • Write at least three comments on how each video relates to class.
  • Write down three do's that you want to see when working in a group.
  • Write down three don'ts that you do not want to see when working in a group.
  • On the blue sticky note, pick one of your do's and write it on the sticky note.
  • On the yellow sticky note, pick one of your don'ts and write it on the sticky note.
2. Supplies (see syllabus) due on Tuesday, 9/11/18

Google Classroom Code

Period 4: khig9g



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