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Period 5 Science


Agenda for Week of 11/27/17 - 12/1/17


Monday, 11/27/17

1.  Finish Chapter 9.3 Climate Regions Workshop Activities

- Station 1:  9.3 Vocabulary Chart (Definitions and Pictures. Sentences Optional)

- Station 3: 9.3 Group Poster Project on Climate Regions

2. Join Flocabulary 

3. Homework: 

- Watch the Cell Video

- Read the Vocabulary Cards - definitions

- Do the "Read and Respond" section for the Cell Video

Wednesday, 11/29/17: 

1. Finish 

- Station 2: 9.3 Graphing and Analysis Activity (Temperature and Precipitation of Regions)

2.  Cell Activities:

- Introductory Activity: 

- Read the Article and Answer the question (chart)

- Review the Flocabulary Homework

- Cell Alive Website Activity

- Explore Website

- Cell Model Worksheets - Partner Activity (label and list functions of parts)

3. Homework: 

 - Finish the worksheets due Friday, 12/1/17 at the end of class

Friday, 12/1/17

1. Finish Animal/Plant Model worksheets

2. Finish Introductory Activity from Wednesday.

3. Homework: 

- Finish the Introductory Activity

- Finish the Cell Model Worksheets from Wednesday

- Finish the notes/summary for the Cell Rap Video

Moved to Monday, 12/4/17: 

1. Lab Activity: 

- Fill out Lab Report form and Reflection

2. Exploration Activity 

- Explore 2 or more websites to add to the class list of helpful websites/resources.

- Fill out the chart about the sites.

3. Homework: 

- Finish Lab Reflection

- Finish the explore activities.



Monday, 12/4/17

1. Finish the Flocabulary Activities if you haven't completed them.

- Re-watch the video

- Reading and Respond Questions

- Take the Quiz (it was reassigned)

2. Finish taking the 1/2 page of notes and writing the one paragraph summary of the Cell Rap Video (make sure your summary include specific facts you learned about the organelles of the cell.

3. If you didn't finish correcting your Cell Model Worksheets, do that tonight.  Use the answer keys posted inside Google Classroom.

4. Re-read the "Copy of Cell" Google Slide presentation inside Google Classroom that we looked at today. 

5. Study tip: review the Prezi Link inside the Copy of Cell Google Slide and Look through the Biology4Kids link inside the presentation to study the parts of the cell. 

Friday, 12/1/17

1. Finish filling out the Cell Worksheets from class on Wednesday.  (Animal and Plant Cells)

- Remember to include the name of each part and the function for each part

2. Finish the Living Things Article Activity-do the last chart, and revise your other columns (see my answer key in Google Classroom attached to the Living Things Article Activity.)

3. Finish doing the notes and summary for the Cells Rap Video we watched in class.

4. Review your Chapter 9.2 Quiz to see what errors you made. (Answer Key located inside Google Classroom).

Monday, 11/27/17

1. Finish the work from the Break! (see homework from Thursday, 11/16)

2. Flocabulary Activities: Due Wednesday, 11/29

- Watch the Cell Video

- Read the Vocabulary Card definitions (sentences optional)

- Do the Read and Responds Activity (take your time and answer them properly, you will be graded on the number you get correct.)

Friday, 11/17/17

1. Finish Station 1 from Google Classroom:

- Finish 9.3 Vocabulary Chart - Definitions and Pictures, Sentence Optional

- Finish 9.3 Questions on page 371 - remember to write your answers in "question/answer" format. This means to include part of the question inside your answer.  If you do not want to write your answers in complete sentences you must write the question down with your answer.

2. Finish Station 3 from Google Classroom:

- Finish your section on your Climate Region Chart. Make sure to define each of the words in your chart in your own words.  

- Finish doing your drawing that represents your Climate Region, it must be completely colored.

Wednesday, 11/15/17

1. Finish the El Nino/La Nina Explore Activity in Google Classroom that we worked on in class on Monday, 11/13/17.

2. Study the 9.2 Vocabulary and Essential Questions to prepare for your Quiz on Friday, 11/17/17.

3. Finish 9.3 Vocabulary Chart - Definitions and Pictures, Sentences optional. 

Monday, 11/13/17

1. If you didn't finish your "A Fish Tale", Graphic Organizer from class, make sure to finish filling out all of the boxes, by using the article located inside Google Classroom.  The assignment is called, "A Fish Tale Article" in Google Classroom.

2. Study the 9.2 Vocabulary and Essential Questions to prepare for your Quiz on Friday, 11/17/17.

Wednesday, 11/8/19

1. Study your Vocabulary and the answers to your Essential Questions from your 9.2 Cornell Notes.

2. Turn in your 9.2 work in Google Classroom 

3. Quiz on 9.2 next Friday, 11/17/17.

Monday, 11/6/17

1. Use my notes in Google Classroom to edit your Cornell Notes of 9.2.

2. Summary: Each member of your group must complete a summary slide in your Cornell Notes answering the essential questions in your own words. Due on Wednesday, 11/8/17 at the end of class.

3. A Fish Tale Article - Finish reading your article page and then fill out the Main Idea, What you Learned, and what you are wondering about on your Graphic Organizer from class today. (Make sure to fill out only your row for your page.)

4. Questions on page 361 from the text book. Due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, 11/8/17.

Friday, 11/3/17

1. Turn into Google Classroom tonight the following:

-9.2 Vocabulary Chart (definitions sentences, and pictures)

-9.2 Video Notes (at least 1/2 page) and Summary (1 paragraph= at least 5 sentences)

2. Work on your Cornell Notes for Chapter 9.2 (group or individual)

3. If you didn't finish your 9.1 Study Guide Booklet (7 pages) you need to turn it in on Monday, 11/6/17.  It must be completely written, drawings must be done, and drawings must be colored in order to receive full points.

4. Optional: Questions on page 361 - I will assign this next week so you can start it early if you wish.

Tuesday, 10/31/17

1. Finish 9.2 Work:

- 9.2 Vocabulary Chart (definition, sentence, and pictures) words on page 356-361

-9.2 Video Notes/Summary - video located inside Google Classroom

- Read pages 356-361

Monday, 10/30/17

1. Finish studying for the 9.1 quiz if you didn't finish the test.

2. Finish the study guide pages if you didn't finish them.

3. Optional: 9.2 Vocabulary Chart, and 9.2 Video Notes/Summary

FRIDAY, 10/27/17

1. Study for 9.1 Quiz

2. Finish handouts for 9.1 Study Guide Booklet

3. Quiz on Monday, 10/30/17

Wednesday, 10/25/17

1. Due to LOCK DOWN, Quiz moved to next Monday, 10/30/17

2. Do Monday, night's homework tonight, if you haven't finished it.


Monday, 10/23/17

1. Get your Test Signed (no signature = detention on Friday, 10/27/17)

2. Finish any 9.1 work you still need to do, Quiz on Friday, 10/27/17

-Topics to Study:

- Vocabulary Definitions for the words (Check your Vocabulary chart)

- Answers to the three essential questions in your Cornell Notes or textbook on pages 346-353.

3. Make up of Hurricane Tracker for students who received a "D" or "F" on the original test. Retest held on Wednesday and Thursday, from 2:50 pm to 3:50 pm.  The highest score you can earn is a C- (70%).  Please email Mrs. Trotter-Hollis to let her know which day you plan to attend.  So that she can make sure there are enough seats. 

Friday, 10/20/17

1. Study for 9.1 Quiz, Scheduled for Thursday, 10/26/17

2. Finish the chapter 9.1 work, everything due next week.

3. Finish the two handouts on the Factors that Affect Temperature of Climate from class.

Monday, 10/16/17

1. Your 9.1 Vocabulary Chart and 9.1 Graphic Organizer that was assigned last Tuesday, 10/10 is due tomorrow 10/17.

2. Finish the 9.1 Video Notes/Summary from class today. Due Thursday, 10/19/17.

3. Finish the 9.1 Questions p. 353. Due on Thursday, 10/19/17.

Monday, 10/9/17

1. Study for the exams this week.

2. Tomorrow you will be taking the Hurricane Tracker Activity, exactly like we did in class last week.

3. On Thursday, 10/12/17 you will take the test for Chapters 7.3, 7.5, and 7.6 

-Vocabulary Words and the Key Questions (green and gold key questions)

-Create your cheat sheet for the test.

Thursday, 10/5/17

1. Finish filling out the data on the Hurricane Irma Tracking chart (ONLY Fill out the chart, don't answer the questions)

2. Finish Wednesday, 10/4/17 homework it is due on Friday, 10/6/17.

Wednesday, 10/4/17

1. Finish the "K" and "W" sections on the KWL chart from class

-K section: write 10 things you already know about hurricanes

-W section: write 3 things you want to know about hurricanes

2. Finish the 7.6 Reading guide from class if you haven't already, due on Friday, 10/6/17

3. Finish working on your 7.6 video notes/summary

4. Finish questions on page 281 # 2a, 2b, 2c, and 2d.

5. Finish questions on page 288

Monday, 10/2/17

1. Finish 7.6 Reading Guide (we completed this in class, so if you didn't finish it make sure to finish it)

2. Finish 7.6 Video Note/Summary (due on Friday, 10/6/17)

3. Finish 7.5 Questions page 281 only # 2a, 2b, 2c, and 2d (due Friday, 10/6/17)

4. Finish 7.6 Questions page 288 

Friday, 9/29/17

1. Turn in all your 7.3 work that was assigned last Friday, 9/22/17 into Google Classroom. (YOU HAD ALL WEEK TO FINISH)

2. Finish 7.3 Video Notes/Summary

3. Finish the 7.3/7.5 Cornell Notes Questions and Summary (Google Slide Presentation we worked on in class on Wednesday, 9/27 and today).

4. Optional tonight, but will be Due Wednesday, 10/4/17

-7.5 Questions on page 281 only question 2a,2b,2c, and 2d

-7.6 Video Notes/Summary

-7.6 Questions on page 288

Wednesday, 9/27/17

1. Finish all 7.3 work:

- 7.3 Vocabulary Chart

-7.3 Graphic Organizer

-7.3 Questions p. 271

-7.3 Video Notes and Summary (video in Google Classroom)

2. Watch Video 7.6 Wind

3. Optional:

-Do the notes and summary for 7.6 video. 

-Finish the questions in the Cornell Notes Google Slide we worked on in class. 

Monday, 9/25/17

1. Finish the following work from chapter 7.3 pages 262-271 (you will have some time to work on some of this work the first 15 minutes of class) This is work that you had to start for homework last Thursday, 9/21/17, so it should be completed but I'm giving you some extra time. 

- 7.3 Vocabulary Chart

-7.3 Graphic Organizer

-.7.3 Questions p. 271

2. Optional: 7.3 Video Notes and Summary.

Monday, 9/18/17

1. Study for Chapter 7.2 Quiz,

-Study your vocabulary

-Study your three Key Concepts Questions on page 262 above the Key Terms (This is also located inside your Cornell Notes.)

2. Finish your Air Pressure Lab write up forms from class today.

3. Finish any work you haven't completed from the last three weeks:

-Cornell Notes (Notes, Revisions, Questions in left margins)

-Vocabulary Chart (definitions, sentences, and picture) - Google Classroom 

-Graphic Organizer Handout (Pre-Reading handout)

-Questions on page 266 (all)

-Watch the High and Low Pressure Video in Edpuzzle

-Takes Notes (Optional)

-Write a 1 paragraph summary of the video

4. Make sure your complete the survey with your parents. It was due weeks ago! Your Portal grade shows it missing if you haven't done it yet.

Friday, 9/15/17

1. Finish the Lab Worksheet from class, use the Air Pressure Lab Activity inside Google Classroom to complete your worksheet. 

2. Finish the work from chapter 7.2 that we've been working on for last two weeks. Scroll down to see which assignments you need to complete.  Make sure you log your work on your Pink form. 

3.Make sure you and your parents fill out the Student/Parent Survey if you haven't already. The link is located inside the NewsFlash section of the website and inside Google Classroom as an assignment.

Wednesday, 9/13/17

1. Finish all classwork from this week.

  • Cornell Notes (Notes, Revisions, Questions in left margins)
  • Vocabulary Chart (definitions, sentences, and picture) - Google Classroom 
  • Graphic Organizer Handout (Pre-Reading handout)
  • Questions on page 266 (all)
  • Watch the High and Low Pressure Video in Edpuzzle
    • Takes Notes (Optional)
    • Write a 1 paragraph summary of the video
  • All due by Monday, 9/18/17.

Quiz on Wednesday, 9/20/17.   

2. Bring headphones for class.

Monday, 9/11/17

1. Use my notes, that's posted on Google Classroom and revise your notes.

  • To do Revisions, make sure you've notes have the key info that my notes have. (Highlight important facts)
  • Next you need to finish writing questions in the Left margin of your notes.  (See my notes as a model)
    • Remember you need a question for every chunk
  • Bring Headphones to class Wednesday!

2. Optional:

  • Do all the questions on page 266 at the end of section 7.2.
  • You can do it in your notebook or inside a Google Document.

Friday, 9/8/17

1. Finish your Cornell Notes for pages 262-266 that we started in class (Notes Only)

2. Do the Vocabulary Chart  for the Key Terms on page 262. The template is inside Google Classroom, make a copy of it.

  • Make sure to write the word, write the definition of the word, write a sentence showing you know the definition of the word, then put a picture inside the chart that will help you remember what the word means.

Wednesday, 9/6/17

1. Finish the Graphic Organizer using page 262-266, by picking 3 graphs from those pages.

2. Read pages 262-266.

Friday, 9/1/17

1. Get your Syllabus Signed

2. Get Supplies for class

3. In your Science Book (red): Read pages 256 through 261

4. Inside a Google Document or on a sheet or paper do questions 1a,b,c, 2a,b,c, and 3a,b,c. Don't write the questions just write your answers in complete sentences.