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Welcome students to the 2018-1019 school year and to the exciting new science curriculum on AMPLIFY.  I am Ms. Brown 7th and 8th grade science teacher.  I am located in Room 14.  My phone extension is 3944 at Adams  310-798-8636.  My email address is  I look forward to getting to know all the students and helping them learn science skills, be more confident thinkers with great science and engineering skills that they can carry to the next grade level.
My class consists of computer work, lab work, and classwork using an interactive notebook to keep students organized throughout the year.  Assessments are in the form of tests, quizzes, labs, notebooks and workbooks, projects, and presentations. 
Please contact me by email or phone if you have questions about your child's assignments or other concerns.

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7th grade due Tues.-wed. Feb. 21-22

Adopt a ROCK  due
Pick a rock and fill in the report that the teacher has on GOOGLE CLASSROOM

QUIZ 7th grade Tues./Wed./Feb 19-20

Read your notes on the rock cycle in your spiral notebook.
Read the notes your workbook  from pages 3-13
Review the lab notes page 9 in your workbook.

8th grade. due 13th Feb.

1. Mini poster due magnetism
2. Notebook check/notes and quiz sentences BPOP
3. Read article on GOOGLE CLASSROOM and take 10 notes

7th science due Thurs./Fri Feb 7/8

Finish the rock cycle diagram
Color the picture.
Make sure your diagram has   
...3 categories of rock named in a cycle each type is formed of 2 rocks from each category

7th science for TUES/WED 129 and 1/30

Bring your workbook and articles and the data page to class for the PLATE MOTION internship project/presentation.

8th science for WED 1-30

Bring workbook and article packet and data page for the internship project presentation to class.

8th grade science DUE MONDAY JAN. 28

HOMEWORK  review the workbook and read the articles in the packet (highlight).  Be ready for a possible multiple choice quiz about the project.

7th grade QUIZ on Mon 28th Practice quiz in GOOGLE classroom

take the PRACTICE QUIZ in google classroom.

7th Science

Due 1/24-25
Day 3 HW , warm-up day 4 , HW day 4     Open the dossier.  Make sure you have glued the articles in your spiral notebook.
Be familiar with the design module on Amplify Engineering Internship
Tsunami Early Warning System

HW 8th 1/23 due 1/25

Create a large graph with the following items from the EGG DROP activity
1. copy data table in the top right corner
2. create a title
3. graph group numbers on x-axis and mass on y-axis
4. create 2 side-by side graphs for the trial 1 and trial 2 data
5. make a line graph or a bar graph
6. write 5 positive design ideas or what was learned in the re-design from your notes in your workbook

7th Grade Science HW due Tues/Wed Jan 22-23

Data table from lab pages 6 and 7 in the workbook.  Make sure the details are filled in,

Homework 7th grade 1-15/16 due Thurs.-Fri.

Tsunami criteria 
1.Steps to forming a tsunami
2. Location on earth where a tsunami occurred
3.Definition of tsunami
4.Picture to go with the steps

8th grade Science due Friday 1-11

On page 90 in your workbook write an argument for 3 of the evidence cards.  Find the evidence cards on the digital resources in Amplify chapter 4 lesson one.  Use the sentence starters on page 91 to help you write your argument.
You can argue for claim one or claim two or you can argue why an evidence card does not match a claim. 

7th grade homework due Thursday/Friday 1-10/11

Make sure you have turned in the article with the evidence sorting A,B,C,D,E
and the questions to 4.1 activity 5.