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BRAINPOP website, user name, password
Posted by: Catherine Brown Assigned: 9/6/17 Due Date: 6/22/18


user:   adamsmid


pass:     bpop Read full story
Category: Assignment

Posted by: Catherine Brown Assigned: 11/29/17 Due Date: 12/15/17
Hello Parents and Students,

I will not be able to be on campus for the Parent Conference days next week December 5-8 or on Dec. 12th.  My name is not on the Adams Parent Conference website.  I would be happy to communicate with a... Read full story
Category: Assignment

8th grade period 1 Finish the activity on moon phases you started in class. Make sure it is colored and labeled and glued in your notebook. This will be graded Friday in class
Posted by: Catherine Brown Assigned: 12/13/17 Due Date: 12/15/17
Category: Assignment

7th grade science. Make sure you have finished the leaf activity and the worksheet on respiration and fermentation which will be turned in Thursday or Friday.
Posted by: Catherine Brown Assigned: 12/12/17 Due Date: 12/15/17

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Science 7th grade

Continue to update notebook.  Checked Thursday and Friday.
Dinosaur profile
Layers of Geosphere
plate motion glossary

8th grade science due May 9

Use the online textbook linked on GOOGLE CLASSROOM to finish the first 2 pages of the packet.  DUE WEDNESDAY.

7th grade science

Make sure your notebook is up to date on notes, vocabulary, Earth's geosphere cross section drawing labeled, dinosaur profile drawn and profiled.

7th grade Science

Make sure you have handed in (on the computer) the Pre-Assessment test for the unit on AMPLIFY called  PLATE MOTION.
In your class spiral notebook make sure you have copied the first 12 vocabulary words from the online PLATE MOTION GLOSSARY from the same unit .  It is accessible in Chapter 1 Lesson 1

HW Due Thursday/Friday April 5/6 Periods 2,4,5,6

Read the article "Space Exploration:  Is It Worth the Cost?  Answer the YOU DECIDE questions 1,2,3 on the back of the article. Answer all parts of the questions.

Classwork period 2,4,6 science.

Post your quiz document to the google assignment on ECOSYTEMS to the assignment. Due by 12:00 Thursday March 15

Homework period 1 due Wednesday April4

Draw shared structure and the outline of the animal for 2 species of mammals.
Compare and contrast the structure and function of  a shared structure of the animals.  Make notes in your notebook with the drawings