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Period 5 Social Science


Ancient Greece Geography Not-Taking Handout- due Monday
*Articles -posted on google classroom
Ancient Greece 9.1 Visual Vocab_ 3 terms (TB pg. 254)- due Friday
Ancient Kush quiz next Wednesday (2/20/19).
HW- Ancient Kush study guide questions (handout) due next Wednesday (2/20/19)
*If you were absent I emailed you the questions.   
Ancient Kush slideshow and assessment/kahoot due Wednesday.  
Ancient Kush handout. Cross out the extension activity- that won’t be required.
*Slideshow is not HW
Complete Edpuzzle: Kush before class on Friday. 
Semester-1 Grades will be finalized on infinite campus by Friday, February 8th. 
Semester 2 begins Tuesday, February 2nd. Spend time over the weekend cleaning out your binder and backpack. Don't throw away (recycle) anything unless you are confident you will no longer need it. Replenish on materials you know you will need for semester 2. Example: a notebook, pencils, crayons, and glue sticks. Set yourself up for success! 
Have a great 3 day weekend! :) 
Upcoming: Ancient Kush 

Bring any materials you will need to work on your board games. You will have the entire class session on Monday to work on your project.


 Board games due Friday, Feb. 1st. Benchmark- Friday, Feb 1st

*Expectations posted on google classroom. 


Social Science Benchmark- Friday, February 1st 


Board game due- Friday, February 1st 

*Expectations posted on google classroom. 


Social Science Benchmark- Friday, February 1st 


 Old, Middle, New Kingdom Quiz- Friday

Review notes for upcoming assessments.

Reminder, make sure you know the following:

~4.2 and 4.3 vocab 

~Reasons for the beginning and end of each kingdom. 

~Major achievements during each kingdom. 

~Famous leaders (reasons for their fame/achievements) 

~Society- social hierarchy /work and daily life 

~Mummification and its importance

~Significance of pyramids


~3 essential things for "ka" to survive

Social Science Benchmark- Friday, February 1st 
Review notes for upcoming assessments:
Upcoming: Old, Middle, New Kingdom Quiz- Friday, January 18th, 2019
Social Science Benchmark- Friday, February 1st 
 *Pyramids due Monday (1/14/19)
Upcoming: Old, Middle, New Kingdom Quiz  (1/18/19)
Social Science Benchmark- Friday, February 1st 
Two Leaders Graphic Organizer - Due Friday
-Access the template through google classroom
-Use circle map notes to complete 
*Pyramids due Monday (1/14/19)
Upcoming: Old, Middle, New Kingdom Quiz 
Social Science Benchmark- Friday, February 1st 
Happy New Year!
Read textbook pgs 101-107 to prepare for Wednesday's class. 
Upcoming: Old/Middle/New Kingdom Quiz
Pathway to Mastery activities will all be due by next Friday (12/21)  
*Quiz postponed until after the holiday break. 
Pathway to Mastery activities will all be due by next Friday (12/21)
~Read Chapter 4 section 2 pgs 93-98 
~Finish Flocabulary video if you haven't done so already.  
~4.2 Visual Vocab pg 93-98 (8 terms)
~Continue working on Flocabulary 
~Circle Map (Menes) pg 91-92 
~Article (Menes)- close read and answer question
*Both due Friday
 4.1 quiz on Wednesday (12/5)
-Make sure you interact with your notes in order to better prepare. 
*Finish Ch 4.1 Cornell notes if you did not do so in class.  
~Use the following resources to finish your notes
                -Textbook pgs 88-91 (geography section only)
                -Nile River Articles- posted through google classroom 
                 *Remember your notes should include the answers to the questions posted on the 3rd article                       (Egypt "The Gift of the Nile")
Complete Summary by answering the following question: Why did the Nile river become important to ancient Egyptians. 
Ch 4.1 Visual Vocab pg 88 (5 terms)
-Directions on Google Classroom
-Complete in your Interactive Notebook
 Ancient Mesopotamia Essential Questions due Wednesday. 
No HW over Thanksgiving break.  Enjoy the week off!
Upcoming: Ancient Egypt 
 3.3 (Sumerian Achievements) and 3.4 (Empires & Hammurabi) Quiz this Friday. 
Resources: Textbook, Interactive Notebook, Google Classroom Assignments
 3.3 (Sumerian Achievement) and 3.4 Quiz next Friday
Resources: Textbook, Interactive Notebook, Google Classroom Assignments
(GC) Sumerian Achievement Performance Task due Friday
Upcoming: 3.3 & 3.4 Quiz on Friday 11/16
(GC) Sumerian Achievement Performance Task will be due no later than 11/9
Reminder: if you did not finish Pathway to Learning activities, they will be due no later than Monday 3/29
Upcoming: 3.2 Quiz will be Tuesday.
-Make sure to study vocab terms and 3.2 cornell notes.
~Review Sargon graphic organizer
~Review The Rise of Sumer notes
Pathway to Learning activities will all be due no later than Monday 3/29
*Complete one at home before class on Friday
Cornell Notes Textbook pgs 62- 65
Pathway to Learning (Google Classroom)- complete one task over the weekend. 
Ch. 3.1 Quiz on Friday
-Review section 3.1 in your textbook 
-Study 3.1 vocab and geography notes in your interactive notebook
Ch. 3 Vocab (6 terms) pg 56.
First Civilizations Handout due Friday
Ch. 2.2 Assessment Questions #1 & 2  textbook pg 39
~Chapter 2 Friday~
*Study Chapter 2 vocabulary (2.1, 2.2, 2.3). 
* Review Hominid Groups
*Review migration causes and effects 
Study Chapter 2 vocabulary (2.1, 2.2, 2.3). 
~Chapter 2 test next Friday~
Google classroom activity: 1. Read article about tools 2. Answer questions 

Chapter 2.1 quiz next Wednesday.  The quiz will be on 2.1 vocab and Hominids.

- must understand the definition of each term

-must know the order of Hominid groups

-must know specific characteristics of each group that distinguishes them from the others.

For example: Homo Erectus was the first group to be able to stand up straight up while walking.

*Their interactive notebook with definitions and chart will be their best resource for studying.

1.Hominid Circle Maps (5 total) are all due FRIDAY
*Use your textbook pages 30-31 and articles posted through Google Classroom to add facts to your circle maps.
*You are responsible to see me during advisement or email me if you need any support before Friday
1.Complete AD vs BC activity in your interactive notebook. Article available through GC (Google Classroom)
2. Ch.2 Cover Page (reference pg 24 in your text book)- make sure it's colored and it looks like a final draft.
3. Ch 2.1 vocab (starting on pg 28) needs to be completed in your interactive notebook.
Google Classroom- Lascaux Cave Virtual Tour due Friday 
1.Login to Newsela and read the article assigned (Learning about the past)
-Take the quiz
-Answer question
2. Finish Author's Page 
-Birth Place
-Elementary School
-Career you want to pursue
*Page must be written in third person, 3/4 of a page, and end with "that is all about (your name)
***HW Due Wednesday***


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