Green Team

Adams Green Team

Dedicated to making tomorrow's world better for our students. 

The Adams Green Team has a mission to help students understand about environmental issues and establish habits that are good for everyone. Our first project is to institute a landfill reduction program. It is estimated that we can reduce our landfill contribution by approximately ninety percent! 

Thanks to our local partner, Grades of Green, our kickoff was great! The vision for reducing landfill and helping the environment was laid out. "Pack trash free" and sort the rest. Students did a great job starting on the very first day! We went from 33 bags of landfill trash to ONE! 

Way to fly Eagles!

Here's what we do:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Why landfill reduction?

Kids landfill video

How landfills work

Waste Recycling



The Green Team now has a Google classroom; code 61x7ba5


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Wednesday, 12 noon, Room 7. Newcomers are welcome!