Period 1, Math 7 (Period 1)

Leslie Wendorf

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Math 7 VIDEO PROJECT Due June 10

Video Due June 10, 8pm (or earlier but no later than)-shared from your Google Drive to me
Project Worksheet Due June 11 at the beginning of class.
* no presentation, no credit--make sure you know your day and time.

Math 7 Q4 Benchmark Exam June 7-8


2B.2: Add and subtract fractions

2B.3:  Multiply and divide fractions

1A.2: Determine whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship by testing ratios or observing whether the graph is a straight line through the origin.

1A.3:  Identify the constant of proportionality (unit rate) in tables, graphs, equations, etc. 

1A.4: Represent proportional relationships by equations. 

3A.2:  Use the distributive property, and I can use properties of operations to combine like terms within an expression, including rational coefficients to show equivalency.

3B.1:  Write and solve multi-step equations from word problems using rational numbers and variables to represent unknown quantities.

4B.1: Know and use the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle  to solve problems.

Math 7 Quick Check Monday 3/26/18

LT4A.2 (replacement)
previous LT (from Unit 1, 2, or 3)

UPDATE: Quarter 2 Benchmark 1/30-1/31

UPDATE: Quarter 2 Benchmark 1/30-1/31 

Multiple Choice (4 Questions Each)

Unit 2A

Unit 2B

Unit 1 (LT 1A.1, 1A.4, 1B.2, 1B.3)

Open Ended

LT 1A.2 (graph from table, determine proportional)


Quick Check 1A has moved up NO LONGER FRIDAY

Period 1 WEDNESDAY 1/17/18
Period 2 THURSDAY 1/18/19
because min day (20min) Friday

Math 7 Quarter 2 Benchmark Targets

Q2 Benchmark Jan 30-31:

  • 4 multiple choice questions for Units:
    • 1A
    • 1B
    • 2A
    • 2B
  • Free Response (open-ended)
    • LT 1A.4
    • LT 2B.4