California Junior Scholarship Federation, or CJSF, is a club for students of all grades (6th, 7th, and 8th) at Adams who have outstanding GPAs.  CJSF emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California junior high school students. Members will be involved with school service and  encourage higher academic performance among their fellow peers through peer assistance programs. This year will coordinate with CSF at RUHS. Please note that the focus of this group is not social but service.

Member Requirements

There are three requirements for being in CJSF:
To be a part of this club, you must have a high GPA.  You must have a minimum of 12 points on semester report cards:
Members must earn 2 hours of service for each quarter to remain in the club!
Members can only miss 3 meetings a quarter or the quarter doesn't count toward membership. 
  1. You've Got to Have the Grades
    • An "A" is worth 3 points
    • A "B" is worth 1 point
    • A "B" in Algebra in 8th grade is worth 2 points.
    • P.E. and Office/Teacher Assistant grades do NOT count towards your CJSF points.
  2. You've Got to do Service
  3. You've Got to Participate
Each student needs at least 3 quarters of membership in order to attend the end of the year function to be announced.


Click on the link below:

CJSF Membership Application:

You will need a copy of your last semester 6th or 7th grade report card.  If you are a 6th grader now, you can bring a copy of your 5th grade evauation.  If you cannot find your report cards we will take midterm grades.


  • Campus Service/Peer Tutoring
  • Community Service
  • Charity Fund Raising
  • Club Activities
Staff Point of Contact
For information about CJSF, please contact Melissa Rummler at [email protected]