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Honor Roll

Honor Roll
Adams proudly recognizes our students for their academic achievement with our Honor Roll Award.  We recognize students who have successfully earned a GPA (grade point average) of a 3.0 and higher.  
Q:  How are students recognized?
A:  Students are given a certificate in March to recognize their academic achievement.
Q:  What is the difference between Honor Roll and Principal Award?
A:  The specific award is determined by a student's GPA (grade point average)
Award GPA
Honor Roll 3.5 - 3.74
Principal Award 3.75 - 4.0  
Q: Which grades are calculated for Honor Roll?
A: We calculate semester 1 grades to determine Honor Roll for the school year.  Semester 1 grades include assignments and assessments from the first week of school to the last day of semester 1, which typically ends in late January.
*For 6th graders in the elective wheel:  We use their final 2nd quarter elective grade.  
Q: How are GPA's calculated?
A:  We take your student's total grade points and divide by the number of classes he/she are in.  For example, if your student has 6 classes plus advisement we divide by 6.3.  If your student takes 7th period PE plus advisement we divide by 7.3. 
Course Weight
English Language Art/Honors 1.0
Social Science/Honors 1.0
Math/CC 1.0
Science 1.0
Physical Education 1.0
Electives 1.0
*Advisement classes are worth 0.3 of a point. 
Q.  Why is Advisement not worth a full point like other courses?
A.  Students are not in Advisement classes the same amount of minutes as their other classes.
Q:  How many points is each letter grade worth?
A:  See below
Grade points
6 classes plus Advisement
GPA Calculation 6 classes
7 classes plus Advisement
GPA calculation 7 classes