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Academic Honesty Policy

Adams Middle School expects students to do their own homework, to test without using unauthorized help and to submit original work for all assignments. Simply stated, we expect students to have integrity and not cheat. Students are to deny all requests to copy class work, homework and tests.

Students shall not misrepresent test materials, research information, and class work and/or homework assignments as their own.  Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Turning in any work, or part thereof, that is not the student’s own work
  • Using electronic devices or artificial intelligence to cheat, including but not limited to looking up, photographing, recording or texting information
  • Copying another student’s or author’s work or class assignment
  • Allowing another student to copy your work or your assignment
  • Putting your name on another student’s paper/project/work
  • Using a “cheat sheet” or any unauthorized piece of writing on a quiz/test
  • Giving another student help on an individual quiz/test
  • Using any material from the internet without proper citation and appropriate credit
  • Tampering with the teacher’s grade records or tests (this offense is suspendable or expellable)
  • Stealing and/or selling quizzes or exams (this offense is suspendable or expellable)

The classroom teacher is responsible for determining if cheating has occurred

First Offense

  • Zero on assignment/test
  • Teacher to contact parent
  • Referral to administration for entry into student record

Second Offense

  • Zero on assignment/test and U in citizenship given by the teacher
  • Parent meeting with teacher and administration
  • Referral to administration and entry into student record

Third (or any other subsequent) Offense

  • Zero on assignment/test and U in citizenship given by the teacher
  • Suspension
  • Parent meeting with administration