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Summer Reading Program

Over the summer, we strongly encourage students to continue to read on a daily basis. We recommend students choose at least two books to read over the summer. The list below are books recommended by our ELA teachers, but students may choose any grade-level appropriate books in which they are interested. Additionally, students are asked to complete one book report project on one of the books. This assignment is due Friday, August 18th. Projects turned in after this deadline will not be accepted. Students who complete this assignment will be awarded a reading certificate as well as 5 PBIS points to be used towards student store purchases.  *All entries should include the title/author and student name.


Final Book Report Options:

• Write a new ending and share it with your family over dinner along with a plot summary

• Write a critique which could respond to any of the following prompts:

1.   Choose and cite an important passage from the book and reflect on its meaning and connection to the story’s theme.

2.   Discuss the behavior of one of the characters and provide textual support from the book.

3.   Discuss why you would or would not recommend this book.

• Write a diary from any character’s point of view in the story

• Create a cartoon that depicts the basic elements of plot (basic situation, conflict, rising action, climax, resolution)


Click below for the Adams Summer Reading List