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Dress Code Policy


(Updated in collaboration with Staff and Associated Student Body 2022-23)

There is a clear relationship between appropriate dress, good work habits, and proper school behavior.  Adams students are expected to be organized, prepared, and ideally dressed for school, representing their best self each day. 


Recognizing this relationship between personal dress and personal attitude, students are encouraged to dress in a manner that demonstrates pride both in themselves and in their school.  Please respond to the dress code in a mature manner that will make our students and staff here feel respected.  Dressing for the school day reminds students of the responsibility that comes with the privilege of attending an excellent school. 


The following guidelines shall apply to attendance at school and all school activities and events: 

  1. Students are expected to be neat, clean and appropriately attired for school. 
  2. Shoes appropriate for school activities must always be worn. For student safety reasons, shoes must be closed toed and closed back. Students must have proper shoes for PE (sneakers/tennis shoes). A non-dress day will be given if proper shoes are not worn. No slippers or house shoes or shoes with high heels. 
  3. Students' faces must be fully visible at all times. No costume masks, unless it is a special event day.
  4. Shorts and skirts must be a reasonable length with school-appropriate coverage. 
  5. Clothes must be sufficient to cover undergarments (bras, underwear, boxers, etc.)
  6. All tops must be a reasonable length with school appropriate coverage. Belly buttons should not be visible. 
  7. All clothing items must allow the student to walk easily without tripping or being stepped on.
  8. Hats and beanies are allowed on campus but at the discretion of the teacher within a classroom. When wearing hats/beanies, eyes and ears must be visible (i.e. baseball hats for example). 
  9. Dress, accessories and jewelry which obtain offensive symbols, signs or slogans, and/or which slur or degrade on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, disability, or sexual orientation, contain language or symbols supporting sex, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, and impose a threat of imminent violence or disruption to the orderly operation of the school shall not be worn. In short, keep it clean!
  10. The principal, staff, students, and parents/guardians may establish reasonable dress for after school events and activities on campus. 

Students appearing on school grounds in violation of the dress code will be counseled and given PE clothes to wear or, as appropriate, sent home to change clothing. A student who
willfully and continuously violates the dress code may be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to detention or a suspension from school.