Biliteracy Pathway Award

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The Seal of Biliteracy Middle School Pathway Award recognizes engagement and success in the pursuit of language skills in two or more languages, affirm positive attitudes toward multilingualism, and validate the use of multiple languages for all students.  

For English Language Learners:


For English Only Students or Students Redesignated as Fluent English Proficient:

  • Overall Performance Level of 3 or higher in 8th grade on the ELPAC and CAASPP test


  • Score of 3 or higher on the CAASPP ELA in 7th grade 
  • 3.0 GPA in ELA grades 7th AND 8th


  • 3.0 GPA in both ELA and World Language classes in 7th and 8th grade
  • Oral Language Performance Score of 3 or higher in 8th grade on the ELPAC test


  • 2 years of World Language class enrollment/success 
  • 30 hours of using non-English language skills in service to school or community


  • 30 hours of using non-English language skills in service to school or community
August - April 30th Complete 30 total hours of service to the school and/or community using non-English language skills.  Community Service Log is available in the application packet.
May 1 Paper copy applications are due to Ms. Sandy in the front office.  
June - TBD Award distributed to student 
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Q:  Can I earn more than one pathway award?
A:   Yes.  As long as you fulfill the requirements for both languages.
Q:  Do I have to complete the community service hours in one school year?
A:  No.  You may begin your community service hours beginning in the 7th grade and continue in the 8th grade.
Q:  Is this award for Dual Immersion students only?
A:  No.  Any student who speaks a language other than English may apply for the award.
Q:  Do I need to attain this award to earn the Seal of Biliteracy (SSB) at RUHS?
A:  No.  If you are interested in the SSB award at RUHS please see their requirements. 
Q:  Is there a list of school/community service hours?
A:  No.  We encourage our students to find their own opportunities as we do not want to limit their options for community work.
Q:  Does the student need approval for community work?
A:  No.
Q:  Who can we contact if we have questions?
A:  Roy Lopez, EL District Coordinator at [email protected].  This is a district award.  The school site passes along names of applicants to our district office and they distribute the awards.
Q:  What are the World Language classes at Adams?
A:  Dual Immersion Social Science, Spanish Humanities, Spanish 1 & 2.
Q: Which World Language class does my student need to take?
A:  Any one of the classes listed above as long as it is the same class for 2 years.  For example, DI Social Science 7 & 8.
Q:  Does my student have to take DI Social Science AND Spanish Humanities to earn the award?
A:  No.  As long as the student takes 2 years of the same course. It can be 2 years of DI Social Science, or 2 years of Spanish Humanities or the student can take Spanish 1 and 2.