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Electronic Device Policy

Cell phones, iPods, MP3 Players, or any other electronic device are not allowed in class or on campus at any time.  I understand that if I bring a cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, or any other personal electronic device, Adams Middle School and RBUSD are not responsible or liable if the item is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Electronic devices may not be seen, heard or used at any time during instructional hours, which includes:  snack, lunch, passing periods, during class and restroom breaks. 

Students who fail to comply with this policy will have their personal electronic device confiscated by their teacher, campus supervisor, counselor or administrator. 

The following progressive discipline consequences will take place if a student fails to comply with this policy:

  • First occurrence- confiscation of any personal electronic device - the student will be warned, a notation will be made in the student’s discipline file, and Mrs. King in the front office will return the device to the student after school. 
  • Second occurrence - The device will be confiscated until a parent can pick it up, a notation will be made in the student's discipline file, and the student will be issued a detention. After that time, the device will be returned during a parent conference. 
  • Any further violation of this policy will result in confiscation and further disciplinary action, including (but not limited to) detention and suspension.

Adams Middle School and the Redondo Beach Unified School District assumes no liability or financial responsibility for theft, loss, costs, and expenses arising out of any liability or claim of liability for damage to any personal electronic device.