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Foreign Language FAQ

Q.   If I take Spanish 1 & 2 at Adams, do I have to take Spanish 3 to meet the college eligibility 
      requirement for foreign language with Spanish at the high school?
A.   Yes.  RUHS does not put any middle school classes on your high school transcript.  Colleges 
      will have no way of knowing you completed Spanish 1 & 2 if they do not see it on your high 
      school transcript.

Q.   If I take Spanish 1 & 2 at Adams and I take Spanish 3 at RUHS, do I have to take Spanish 4 
      to complete the 2 year foreign language requirement for college eligibility?
A.   No.  Once you complete Spanish 3 with a C or better, it will go on your RUHS transcript and
      colleges will be able to see you met the foreign language requirement.  Even though you only 
      took one year of language at the high school, colleges acknowledge you have to have 
      understood the first two years so they recognize the level you get to.

      However; we recommend taking 4 years of a language if you would like to be competitive in
      your college applications. ** Any higher level language class enrollment is determined by  
      grade in previous level and teacher recommendation.
Q.   Do I receive high school credit toward graduation for Spanish 1 and 2 at Adams?
A.   No.  Middle school classes do not earn credits toward graduation even though it is a high 
      school level course.   If you reach Spanish 3 in the 9th grade, you will only earn 10 credits 
      toward graduation since it  is  only one year you completed a language course at RUHS.