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With the support of math coaches and in partnership with Loyola Marymount University, Adams math teachers use Math Learning by Design strategies when teaching math. This model is inquiry-based, student-focused and built on mastery learning. Our work as a staff is rooted in a committed desire to continue to improve curriculum and instruction.  When students are actively engaged in the learning process, are able to apply and use what they have learned, and data reveals measured growth, there is success.


At Adams, we value and encourage a growth mindset. We recognize students with growth mindsets are willing to put in effort even when they struggle or fail, and they stay focused on what they can learn. These behaviors result in better math performance over time. Students recognize they may not have it “yet” but with an open mind and perseverance, growth and understanding will occur. At Adams, we embrace mistakes as they are a part of the learning process.


All assessments will be graded on a four-point scale as indicated below. Please note 10% of students’ grades are comprised of homework and 90% of assessments.


Letter Grade    Grade Scale    Infinite Campus         

A                     3.6-4.0             90 to 100%                 

A-                    3.4 to <3.6       85 to < 90%

B+                   3.2 to <3.4       80 to < 85%

B                     3.0 to <3.2       75 to < 80%

B-                    2.8 to <3.0       70 to < 75%

C+                   2.5 to <2.8       65 to < 70%

C                     2.2 to <2.5       55 to < 65%

C-                    2.0 to <2.2       50 to < 55%

D                     1.7 to <2.0       42.5 to < 50%