Math Learning Target 6A Review Test Friday 4/20

Math Learning Target 6A Review Test Friday 4/20

6A - I can recognize and solve real world problems involving measures of central tendency.

6.A.1: I can recognize statistical questions and justify why a question is or is not a statistical question.

6.A.2: I can find the centers of a data set and describe the distribution. I can determine which measure of center best describes the data. (Mean and Median)

6.A.3: I can calculate the MAD for a data set.

6.A.4: I can display numerical data in a box plot and find the range and interquartile range of a data set.

6.A.5: I can construct a dot plot for a given data set; and calculate the measures of center and variability.

6.A.6: I can create a histogram and use it to describe the center, variability and shape of the distribution.

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