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Meet Mr. Rappaport

Hey Everyone!
My name is Peter Rappaport and this is my 4th year at Adams Middle School (my 6th year teaching overall). I teach 8th Grade U.S. History (both honors and non-honors). The thing I love about teaching this class is the ability to dialogue with students and helping them to form their own understanding of the events of the past and present. This year I am also teaching a new elective I am super excited about called Good Eats. Learning to cook and interact with food is something I first learned when I was 15 years old and I cannot think of anything else that has had as big of an impact on my life than learning to cook, which I look forward to bringing that passion to Adams this year and beyond! I'll be back again this year to coach the girls soccer team and look forward to a successful season and beating our competition.
When I'm not in classroom teaching I have a wide variety of things that keep me busy (besides my grading and lesson planning). At the end of the day, I'm usually running around my neighborhood with my amazing dog Charlie, working out, or in the kitchen cooking. I am also an outdoors and live concert enthusiast from surfing and skiing to checking out my favorite bands and the amazing venues throughout Los Angeles. Naturally, with my love of cooking, means that I also spend a fair amount of time looking for the next best restaurant to dine at.
It is my belief that the best way to prepare my students for the world around them is to challenge them and to push them to think critically, from multiple angles, before approaching any event or situation that we may discuss in the classroom. Through this, I believe that they will leave my classroom stronger than they came in, and seeing that growth over the course of a school year is probably one of my favorite things about teaching. I'd be a fool if I didn't say that Hamilton has completely re-shaped how I approach teaching the American Revolution and only wish this was written when I was in school. As a music enthusiast, I try and find ways to bring the music of the past and present into the classroom to build great understanding. 
I am looking forward to teaching and helping to make your children stronger, more passionate members of society.