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Meet Mr. Rappaport

Hey Everyone!
My name is Peter Rappaport and this is my 9th year at Adams Middle School (my 11th year teaching overall). I teach 8th Grade Honors U.S. History. The thing I love about teaching this class is the ability to dialogue with students and helping them to form their own understanding of the events of the past and present. With the current events of the fires in Maui, the upcoming presidential election and the protection of civil and human rights in America today, I really look forward to helping students discovery the history behind these events taking place in our society today.
When I'm not in classroom teaching I have a wide variety of things that keep me busy (besides my grading and lesson planning) like being a parent to my two boys Jones and Rhodes. When I leave school everyday I try and take some time for myself to wind down, whether that's cooking dinner for my family, taking a walk, or just enjoying some silence. I am also an outdoors and live concert enthusiast from surfing and skiing to checking out my favorite bands and the amazing venues throughout Los Angeles. Naturally, with my love of cooking, it means that I also spend a fair amount of time looking for the next best restaurant to dine at.
It is my belief that the best way to prepare my students for the world around them is to challenge them and to push them to think critically, from multiple angles, before approaching any event or situation that we may discuss in the classroom. Through this, I believe that they will leave my classroom stronger than they came in, and seeing that growth over the course of a school year is probably one of my favorite things about teaching. 
I am looking forward to teaching and helping to make your children stronger, more passionate individuals.