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English Language Arts

If you were absent on March 1 or will be out on March 2: We took a vabulary quiz and listened to 10 minutes of a NPR podcast about Pit Bulls and wrote evidence on the chart. The entire class participated in a philosophical chairs debate about banning pit bulls. The students then answered a question on Google Classroom and met with their clockpartner about finding nonfiction sigposts in the 5 pit bull sources. The nonfiction signpost activity will be continued on Monday.
Homework: Complete the After the Discussion section on the doc.
If you were absent on Feb. 27 or 28: We reviewed Pit Bull Sources 1 & 2 and discussed evidence that was found to support and oppose banning pit bulls. We read through sources 3-5 and continued to document evidence for both sides. Then, students did their own research to find evidence to support both sides of the arguement. 
Homework: Find more reliable sources to obtain evidence for both sides of the arguement and add to the chart.
Passage to Freedom Assessment on Monday, January 22. Make sure to reread the story and listen to the Afterword again using the link below. (It begins on 12:44 min.) Also, review the vocabulary frames and plot diagram in your notebook.
Mastery Pursuit and 2 Bookopoly Slides are due by January 26.
Make sure to bring your earbuds everyday to class.