Student & Staff Spotlight

Student and Staff Spotlight!
Courtney H. is a 7th grade at Adams.  Courtney enjoys playing all kinds of games, including board games and video games.  She looks forward to returning to campus to see her friends and go to the Hangout Spot.
Ethan E. is an 8th grader at Adams.  Ethan likes to stay connected with family and friends through text messages, phone calls, socially-distanced gatherings, and Zoom calls.  To unwind, Ethan likes to read a book he enjoys and play video games with his friends.
Ms. Jessica Rothrock is an instructional assistant at Adams.  She appreciates how helpful and kind the Adams staff is and knows that whenever she has a question, there are so many people who are willing to jump in and help.  For self-care, Ms. Rothrock finds time to pray, journal, read, take walks, and practice gratitude.
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