Student & Staff Spotlight

Brady Wyckoff is a 6th grader here at Adams.  Brady loves to stay connected with his water polo friends and go to the beach.  For self-care, he loves to make sure he gets plenty of sleep!
Kailey Nguyen is a 6th grader here at Adams.  In her free time, she loves to play video games, especially Splatoon, New Horizons, and Among Us.  She is looking forward to returning to in-person learning so she can play with the rest of the Symphonic Band!
Brenda Restori is one of our amazing school psychologists!  Ms. Restori stays in touch with family and friends through regular Zoom calls and invites a special guest to join the family each time! She also loves to spend as much time outdoors and loves going to the beach, gardening at home, taking long walks, and chatting with her lovely neighbors.
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