Adams PTSA

Adams Middle School PTSA is comprised of parents/guardians, teachers/staff, students/alumni, and our community working together to positively impact the lives of all children and families.

Become a PTSA Member!

Your PTSA Memberships & Donations help fund PTSA-sponsored school site programs like Hands on Art, Grade-level Enrichments, Assemblies, Classroom Grants, & more!
Annual membership gives you a voice at our school and helps enrich your child’s experience at Adams. It does not require you to volunteer.
PSTA Membership does not require you to volunteer, but when you do go that extra step and help with any PTSA program, your students see first-hand that their education is important to you and worth investing your time. You can also make new friends and get to know the school environment. Let us know if you are interested in donating your time!
A donation of at least $50 gives student PTSA members Eagle Status and they will be eligible for monthly snack giveaways & raffles for AirPods, gift cards and other exciting prizes!

Adams PTSA Highlights With the support of the Adams community we are able to provide provide community, enrichment, and advocacy programs at Adams.
Our goal for the 2023-24 school year is to increase student involvement in PTSA, and with it the knowledge, confidence and means to make a difference in their school community. We will achieve this by promoting student membership and forming a PTSA student leadership team.

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Adams Middle School PTSA is proud to be designated a National PTA School of Excellence!

2021-23 National PTA School of Excellence

This recognition is given to school communities with excellent open lines of communication and data-driven decisions that yield positive, long-term results. Only 27 schools in California and 368 schools nationwide were awarded this designation.