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Join Your PTSA

Why Join?

The number one reason to join PTA is to benefit your student. Membership gives you a voice and helps fund our amazing events and programs!
Membership costs just $10.

Can students join?

The “S” in PTSA stands for students. At every PTSA meeting we invite students to speak with us about their activities, initiatives and concerns. We want to connect with our students, hear what is important to them, and be sure we are meeting their needs.
Our goal for the 2023-24 year is to increase student involvement in PTSA, and with it the knowledge, confidence and means to make a difference in their school community. We will achieve this by promoting student membership and forming a PTSA student leadership team.

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Eagle Status Membership

Students can gain Eagle Status Membership by including a donation of at least $50 to their PTSA membership. To thank our donors, those with Eagle Status access unique experiences throughout the school year, like monthly snack giveaways and raffles.
THIS IS ADAM PTSA'S ONLY FUNDRAISER! Donations help us avoid catalog sales! It's a win - win!
Already this year, those with Eagle Status have enjoyed
  • FastPass registration - skip the lines and
  • a private tour of the Adams Campus
There is still time to join and receive unique experiences!
If you are already a member, log back into the membership poral and click "Make a Donation" under "Activities." There, you can click the "Add a Donation" button to gain Eagle Status!

Your Money at Work

PTSA memberships & donations support Classroom Grants, Hands on Art, Grade Level Enrichment Activities, Diversity Celebration, Health & Wellness Festival, Maker’s Fair, Movie Nights, Reflections, Spelling Bee & more!

Membership Perks

As a member you have access to members-only perks from the California and National PTA! 

Click the link below to download the paper form that can be used to join Adams Middle School PTSA and donate with cash or check.