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Math 7

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NOTE: All assignments are the due the next class period.


All students should have digital access the Math 7 Textbooks.

Use the Student Portal. Click on Holt/McDougal Online. 


Week of November 5th

Monday - Workbook Page 3 EVENS. Correct on GoogleClassroom. Quick Check on Wednesday - LT 1A.2 and 1A.4

Wednesday - Finish Textbook Pages 16-17 #1-30. Correct using GoogleClassroom. No School on Monday. Next Quick Check on Wednesday, 11/14 on LT 2A.1 and 2A.2.

Friday - Workbook Page 5 ODDS only. *MUST SHOW WORK*. Correct on GC.  Quick Check on Wednesday LT 2A.1 and 2A.2. Get signature on Quick Check. No School on Monday! OPTIONAL: Finish Classwork Activity 13 puzzle for PBIS points.


Week of October 29th

Monday - NONE! Tomorrow is a Stack Day.

Tuesday - Signature on Unit 1 Quick Check due Friday, 11/2. Bring full charged Chromebook on Friday.


Week of October 22nd

Monday - Signature on White quick check. Signature on Goal Setting. Practice 20+ minutes a night for the Unit 1 Quick Check on FRIDAY. I have a attached some quizzes from quizizz.com on GoogleClassroom.

NOTE: All late/inc/missing work due Friday.

Wednesday - 1) Finish Study Guide and correct using attached. NOTE: Blank study guide attached. 2) Use Goal Setting to Practice for Unit 1 Quick Check. 3) All late/inc/missing work due FRIDAY

Friday - Finish and correct number lines worksheet - if you did not finish it in class.


Week of October 15th

Monday - Finish Worksheet Percent Problems. Correct on GoogleClassroom. Quick Check on Friday - LT 1B.1, 1B.4, and 1B.5

Wednesday - Worksheet 1B.5 Home Practice. Correct on GoogleClassroom. Get signature on Green Quick Check. Quick Check on Friday - LT 1B.1, 1B.4, and 1B.5

Friday - Finish Mind Map for Unit 1B. Unit 1 Quick Check on Friday: LT 1A.1, 1A.5 and all of Unit 1B. ALL late/makeup/missing work due Friday, 10/26.


Week of October 8th

Monday - Worksheet LT 1B.3 Homework. Correct on GoogleClassroom. Quick Check on Friday LT 1B.1, 1B.2, and 1B.3.  (Get dividers if you don't have them.)

Wednesday - Worksheet LT 1B.4 Home Practice. (Blank copy on GoogleClassroom). Correct on GoogleClassroom. Quick Check on Friday LT 1B.1, 1B.2, and 1B.3

Friday - Make sure Worksheet LT 1B.4 is finished and corrected. There is a blank copy on GoogleClassroom. The performance task is not homework.


Week of October 1st

Monday - Finish Worksheet LT 1B.1 Simple Interest. Correct using attached. Finish Worksheet Order of Operations. Correct using GoogleClassroom.

Wednesday - White Worksheet LT 1B.2 Home Practice (Percent Change/Percent Error). Correct on GoogleClassroom. NEXT Quick Check: Friday, October 12th LT 1B.1, 1B.2, and 1B.3.

Friday - 1.) Get yellow quick check signed. 2.) Get 5 dividers for Monday. We will finally label them! 


Week of September 24th

Monday - Worksheet 4-3 both sides. Correct on GoogleClassroom. Quick Check on Wednesday on LT 1A.3/1A.4/1A.5. Signature on Quick Check LT 1A.1/1A.2 - Learning Targets will be replaced on October 1st on Unit 1A Exam.

Wednesday - Finish Mind Map. Finish and correct Worksheet on Solving One-step Equations. Use answer key on GoogleClassroom. Unit 1A Quick Check on Monday

Friday - 1.) Finish and Correct Unit 1A Study Guide - DUE MONDAY. Correct using key on GoogleClassroom. 2.) Unit 1A Quick Check on Monday. Finish LATE work. 3.) Finish Worksheet LT 1B.1 Homework. Correct key on GoogleClassroom. DUE WEDNESDAY. 4.) Signature on Quick Check 1A.3/4/5.


Week of September 17th

Monday - Review and highlight notes. No school on Wednesday.  Thursday is 2-4-6 with 12:29 pm dismissal. Back to School Night!

Wednesday - No School

Friday - Constant of Proportionality Worksheet. Correct on GoogleClassroom. Quick Check on Wednesday LT 1A.3/1A.4/1A.5


Week of September 10th

Monday - No School

Tuesday - (No class) Finish and Correct Worksheet LT 1A.1.

Wednesday - Finish plotting points. Color and make it look pretty!

Friday - Worksheet LT 1A.2; Correct on GoogleClassroom. Quick Check on Monday on LT 1A.1 and 1A.2. Monday is 1-3-5 with 2:06 dismissal.


Week of September 3rd

Monday - None

Wednesday - Signature on syllabus and supplies due Friday. Review dividing fractions.

Friday - Worksheet LT 1A.1. Correct on GoogleClassroom.