Academic Resources

OverDrive logo
OverDrive is an online digital library where our students can access ebooks they can read.  It is recommended students read 20-30 minutes daily to continue to improve their reading skills.
       NewselaNewsela has online news articles that students can choose to read at their Lexile Level (Reading Level).  All articles have a 4 question quiz section that helps with reading comprehension, Power Words section that helps with vocabulary words and a Writing section that helps with students' writing skills.
PronunciatorPronunciator is an online language tool that helps students learn a language.  Students can take advantage and use this tool to strengthen their English language skills or their Spanish or Chinese language skills for students taking one of our foreign language classes.
Achieve 3000ACHIEVE 3000 is a reading assessment tool we use to determine students' Lexile Level (Reading Level).  
Common Lit
CommonLit gives students access to grade-level short-stories, poems, and historical documents and provides EL students with additional supports.
Khan AcademyKhan Academy has courses in math, English Language Arts and other various academic topics students can choose from.