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Math 8

Monday, December 11th: Today we reviewed Unit 3, both equations in our warm-up and systems with our Active Practice. Homework is located on Classroom...Unit 3 Study Guide pages 270-271 (1-17 ALL). Unit 3 Exam is Tuesday/Wednesday, December 12th and 13th!!
Tuesday/Wednesday, December 12th and 13th: Today we took the Unit 3 test. NO HOMEWORK :)
Thursday/Friday, December 14th and 15th: HAVE AN AWESOME BREAK. NO HOMEWORK :)
Tuesday/Wednesday, January 2nd and 3rd: Welcome to 2018! Your poster project on systems of equations is due on Monday, January 8th.
Thursday/Friday, January 4th and 5th: Today we went learned LT 4A.1, writing rational numbers as decimals and fractions.  HW is worksheet 4A.1 distributed in class.  Also, make sure to complete your SYSTEMS POSTER, DUE MONDAY 1/8
Monday/Tuesday, January 8th and 9th: Today we turned in our System Poster Project.  We learned LT 4A.2 and 4A.3, One-step equations with square roots and cube roots, as well as estimating irrational numbers.  HW is a WS for LT 4A.2 and 4A.3 distributed in class. If you are going to PALI, you will have to learn LT 4A.4 on your own. HW for LT 4A.4 is on your LT log. There will be a QC on LT 4A.1 through 4A.4 next Tuesday for all classes since it is a stack day.
Wednesday/Thursday, January 10th and 11th: Today we learned LT 4A.4, Classifying Real Numbers. HW is on the LT log for 4A.4 There will be a QC on LT 4A.1 through 4A.4 for all classes this Friday since it is a stack day. If you went to PALI, you will take this QC on Tuesday.
Friday, January 12th: Today was a stack day. We had a QC on LT's 4A.1 and 4A.4. PALI people will take this QC next Tuesday.
No Homework for the 3 day weekend :)
Tuesday, January 16th: Today was a stack day. Students who attended PALI took their Quick Checks and students who did not got a jump start on their homework, which is on Classroom, Pages 313-315 Blue Book #'s 9-31. This is homework due for PALI students as well.
Wednesday and Thursday, January 17th and 18th: Today we had a normal block day. We got our QC's back and then learned LT 4A.5, estimating and comparing rational and irrational numbers. Homework was handed out in class..."Quiz The Real Number System" You can also do the homework on the LT log for extra practice, but the only one required for a grade is the worksheet.  There will be a Quick Check on all of LT 4A this Friday, which is a stack day. Tutoring is every Wednesday after school.
Friday, January 19th: Today was a minimum stack day. We took a Quick Check on LT 4A. There is no homework this weekend:)
Monday, January 22nd: Today was a minimum day. We learned LT 4B.1, The Pythagorean Theorem. HW is on the LT log for LT 4B.1
Tuesday and Wednesday, January 23rd and 24th: Today we did a coloring activity providing further practice with the Pythagorean Theorem. We also learned Lesson 12-2, LT 4B.2, the Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem. Homework is to finish coloring activity (including all work) AND on the LT log for LT 4B.2. There will be a QC on 4B.1 and 4B.2 and maybe something else (?) on Thursday/Friday.
Thursday and Friday, January 25th and 26th: Today we took a quick check on LT 4B.1 and 4B.2. After, we learned Lesson 12-3, LT 4B.3,Finding Distance Using the Pythagorean Theorem. HW for this lesson is listed on LT log. BENCHMARK NEXT TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. PLEASE SEE TOPICS ON CLASSROOM.
Monday, January 29th: Today we reviewed for Q2 Benchmark in class. BM review can be found on Classroom. There is no homework to turn in tomorrow or Wednesday but STUDY FOR BENCHMARK!
Tuesday and Wednesday, January 30th and 31st: Today we took the semester/Q2 Benchmark. No homework :)
Thursday and Friday, February 1st and 2nd: Today we went over the benchmark, QC on LT 4A and QC LT 4B 1 and 2.
We then learned Lesson 2-1, LT 4C.1. Homework is due on Tuesday/Wednesday, since there is no school on Monday :)
Tuesday and Wednesday, February 6th and 7th: Today we spent another day on LT 4C.1, Rules of Exponents. HW  is worksheet "Exponents Practice" on Classroom. All problems must be completed on a separate sheet of paper for credit.
Thursday and Friday, February 8th and 9th: Today we learned LT's 4C.2 through 4C.4. Homework is on LT log for 4C.4 ONLY!!
Skip 9,11, and 13
You do not need to do the homework for  4C.2 or 4C.3.
Unit 4 Test is next Tuesday/Wednesday.
Monday, February 12th: Today I had a sub. You were to complete double-sided worksheet 10-7. Unit 4 Test is tomorrow!
Tuesday and Wednesday, February 13th and 14th: No homework. :)
Thursday, February 15th: Career Day no class/no homework
Friday, February 16 and Monday, February 19th: NO SCHOOL :)
Tuesday and Wednesday, February 20th and 21st: Today we went over our Unit 4 tests. Next, we received our new LT's for Unit 5,
Transformational Geometry. We learned lesson 9-1, LT 5A.1, Translations. HW is on the LT log for Lesson 5A.1.
Thursday and Friday, February 22nd and 23rd: Today we learned Lesson 9-2, LT 5A.2, Reflections. Homework is on the LT log for LT 5A.2. ALL GRAPHS MUST BE ON GRAPH PAPER FOR CREDIT!