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Math 8

MATH 8 HOMEWORK: 4th Quarter:
Monday, April 16th: Today we got our new Unit 7 Learning Target logs. We started Unit 7 with LT 7A.1, Lesson 14-1.
HW is on LT log for this lesson. Volume in the Real World Projects are due Tuesday/Wednesday of this week!
Tuesday/Wednesday, April 17th and 18th: Today we learned Lesson 14-2, LT 7A.2. HW is on the LT log for LT 7A.2. There will be a quick check on LT 7A this Thursday/Friday.
Thursday/Friday, April 19th and 20th: Today we took a QC on LT 7A. We then took a practice CAASPP test. Homework is worksheet "Module 14 Scatterplots Module Quiz B" due Monday.
Monday, April 23rd: Today we learned Lesson 15-1, LT 7B.1. HW is on the LT log for this lesson. There will be a Unit 7 Exam this Thursday/Friday.
Tuesday/Wednesday, April 24th and 25th: Today we learned Lesson 15-2, LT 7B.2. HW is on the LT log for this lesson. There will be a Unit 7 Exam this Thursday/Friday.
Thursday/Friday, April 25th and 26th: Today we Took the Unit 7 Exam. HW is pages 467-468 (all). After, we went over our Frequency Table Project which is due next Thursday/Friday. See you at Open House!
Monday, April 30th: Today we worked on CAASPP Review Packet #2. Homework is to finish this packet and to work on your projects due Thursday/Friday.
Tuesday/Wednesday, May 1st and 2nd: Today we worked on CAASPP Review Packet #3. Homework is worksheet "Systems of Equations Relay Race" There will be a QC on packets 2 and 3 this Thursday/Friday. Also, Frequency Table Projects are due on Thursday/Friday no later than 2:50 pm!
Thursday/Friday, May 3rd and 4th: Today we took a QC on the first two review packets. After a short break, we started working on Review #1, Real Number., Exponents and Scientific Notation. Please finish this handout for homework due Monday.
Monday. May 7th: Today we worked on CAASPP Packet #4, Geometry. Please finish this for homework.
Tuesday/Wednesday, May 8th and 9th: Today we got our Quick Checks back and went over them. Next we reviewed frequency tables with a gallery walk. Finally, we started CAASPP Packet #5 Statistics. There will be Quick Check this Thursday/Friday on all 5 review packets.
Thursday/Friday, May 10th and 11th: Today we took a QC on all five CAASPP review packets. After, we started working on CAASPP Prep Test. This is due on Monday and NO HW PASSES ACCEPTED ON THIS ASSIGNMENT
Monday, May 14th:  Today we started out unit on Polynomials and Factoring. HW is worksheet 8-1 Skills Practice due Tuesday for periods 1 and 2 and due Wednesday for periods 3 and 4. Quiz on Friday for all periods.
Tuesday-Thursday, May 15-17th: Today we learned Lesson 8-2, Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial. HW is Skills Practice 8-2.
Quiz on Friday for all periods on 8-1 and 8-2.
Friday, May 18th: Today we took a quiz on 8-1 and 8-2. HW is worksheet 8-2 Study Guide and Intervention.
Monday, May 21st: Today we reviewed Systems of Equations. HW is WS SYSTEMS.
Tuesday-Thursday, May 22-24th: Today after getting our quizzes back we started Lesson 8-3, Multiplying Polynomials. HW is Skills Practice 8-3 (1-18).
Friday, May 25th: Today we continued to practice multiplying binomials. HW is to finish "Multiplying Binomials #3" coloring activity.
Monday and Tuesday, May 29th and 30th: Today we continued with Lesson 8-3, Multiplying Polynomials. HW is worksheet 8-3 Study Guide and Intervention due Friday. There will be a quiz this Friday on Lessons 8-1 through 8-3.
Thursday, May 31st: No class today. Civil War Day.
Friday, June 1st: Today we took a quiz on 8-1 through 8-3. Topic 8-4 Special Products was introduced. HW is 8-4 Study Guide and Intervention front side (page 25) only. 
Monday, June 4th: Today we went over our quiz from last week and finished Lesson 8-4, Special Products. HW is to finsih WS 8-4. FINAL EXAM THIS THURSDAY/FRIDAY!
Tuesday/Wednesday, June 5th and 6th: Today we studied for the final exam which is this week Thursday/Friday.
Thursday/Friday, June 7th and 8th: Today we took our Final Exam. No homework :)
Monday, June 11th: Today we started our math posters. These are due at the end of class on Tuesday/Wednesday and are worth a test grade. This will be the last grade for the year.
Tuesday/Wednesday, June 12th and 13th: Today we continued to work on our posters which were collected at the end of the hour. 
Math 8: That's a wrap! Enjoy your summer and make me proud next year :)