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Algebra 1

Monday, December 11th: Today we got our new LT logs for Unit 6 and started the unit with LT 6A.1. For HW please see LT log for LT 6A.1.
Tuesday, December 12th: Today we did Lesson 6-2, LT 6A.2. Homework is on the LT log for this lesson.
Thursday, December 14th: HAVE AN AWESOME BREAK. NO HOMEWORK :)
Tuesday, January 2nd: No homework tonight but there is a QC on 6-1 and 6-2 on Thursday.
Thursday, January 4th: We took a QC on LT 6A.1 and 6A.2.  We also went learned LT 6A.3 evaluation and graphing exponential functions.  HW is to complete the foldable handout distributed in class as well as what is listed on your LT logs for LT 6A.3.
Tuesday, January 9th: Today we learned LT 6A.4, Exponential Growth and Decay. HW is on LT log. 
Thursday, January 11th: Today we did an activity to review LT 6A.4.  There is no HW.
Friday, January 12th:  Today was a stacked day.  We continued to review for the upcoming QC on Tuesday 1/16 on LT 6A.1-6A.4.  There is no HW but be sure to prepare any questions you might have for Tuesday.
Tuesday, January 16th: Today was a stacked day.  We took QC for LT 6A.1-6A.6.  HW will be on classroom and will be a short skills review.
Thursday, January 18th: Today we Learned LT 6A.5, Solving exponential equations using properties of equality.  HW is on your LT log for LT 6A.5.  There will be a QC on LT 6A.5 on Friday.
Friday, January 19th: Today we took a QC on LT 6A.5.  There is no HW.  Enjoy your weekend.
Monday, January 22nd: Today we learned LT 6A.6, Geometric Sequences. HW is listed on your LT log for 6A.6
Tuesday, January 23rd: Today we learned LT 6A.7, Recursive and Explicit rules for Sequences.  HW in listed on your LT log for 6A.7.  There will be a QC on LT 6A.6 and 6A.7 on Thursday 1/25.
Thursday, January 25th: Today we took a QC on LT 6A.6 and 6A.7. We also began reviewing for the benchmark on Tuesday 1/30.  The gallery walk questions from class have been posted on classroom if you would like to review  those you may have missed.  HW is the review sheet distributed in class (NOT the gallery walk questions).  This is also available on classroom if you did not receive one.  REMINDER that you only need to complete 50% of the problems on the review sheet and it will be due on TUESDAY 1/30.  Bring any questions you have to class on Monday for further review. 
Monday, January 29th: Today we reviewed for BM 2 which will be tomorrow, Tuesday 1/30.  The missing unit 4 questions have been uploaded to classroom.  Continue to study and complete a minimum of 50% of the review.  HW credit will be based on effort and work shown for areas practiced. 
Tuesday, January 30th: Today we took the Q2 Benchmark. No HW :)
Thursday, February 1st: Today we learned Lesson 7-1, LT 7A.1, Adding and Subtracting Polynomials. HW is on new vibrant green LT logs :) Enjoy your 3 day weekend and see y'all Tuesday!
Tuesday, February 6th: Today we learned Lesson 7-2, Multiplying Polynomials. HW is on LT log for LT 7A.2. There will be a QC on 7A.1 and 7A.2 this Thursday!
Thursday, February 8th: Today we learned Lesson 7-3, Special Products. HW is on LT log for LT 7A.3. 
Monday, February 12th: Today I had a sub. You watched lesson videos and completed double-sided worksheet 7-4.
Tuesday, February 13th: Today we learned Lesson 7-5, Factoring Polynomials. HW is on LT log for LT 7A.5
Thursday, February 15th: Career Day no class/no homework
Monday, February 19th: NO SCHOOL :)


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