The library is the hub of Chromebook distribution and maintenance at Adams.  Every student (except SDC) receives a Chromebook and power adapter at the start of the school year.

All students are expected to adhere to the RBUSD Chromebook Guide and Agreement, which is incorporated into the online registration process at the start of the school year and is outlined in the RBUSD Parent/Student Handbook.

SDC students who use the Asus Transformer tablet should contact their teacher directly for issues and support.

Chromebook Models

There are four different models of Chromebook currently in circulation at Adams:

  • Dell 3120 (some 8th grade)
  • Dell 3180 (mostly 8th grade)
  • Dell 5190 (mostly 6th/7th grade, also used as loaners)

Technical Support

Adams students who experience problems with their Chromebook should bring it to the Adams Library and fill out a technical support request form.  The RBUSD IT Department handles ALL repairs - there is no need to arrange for repairs yourself!  Students will be issued a loaner Chromebook while their device is out for repair.
There is no set time limit for repairs, especially if a device needs to be sent back to the manufacturer, but most minor issues can usually be resolved within 2-3 weeks.  Repaired Chromebooks will be received and redistributed through the Adams Library.  Students will receive an email notification from the librarian and/or be called to the library during their advisement period to collect their personal Chromebook and turn in their loaner.
Our loaner pool consists of Dell 5190 Chromebooks so students who turn in a Dell 3120 or 3180 Chromebook for repair will also need to borrow a power adapter from the library to charge their loaner.  This power adapter must be returned to the library with the loaner in order to collect your repaired Dell Chromebook.


Redondo Beach Unified School District offers optional insurance for the school year for school-issued Chromebooks given to students. The yearly cost is $26.00 for the 2019-20 school year. Insurance is with a third party provider that will protect the Chromebooks against ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE, MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN, THEFT, BURGLARY/ROBBERY and PERILS. This insurance policy will provide full replacement cost coverage and will protect the item worldwide (on and off school grounds). The policy is also transferable to a replacement unit.

Insurance for returning students should be purchased through the PowerSchool parent portal and the open enrollment period ends on September 29th of the school year.  After this time, it is not possible for returning students to buy the insurance.  New students who enroll after September will be given a two-week grace period after enrollment to purchase insurance for the rest of the school year (and will need to pay by check).

All students are strongly encouraged to purchase Chromebook insurance - it's cheaper than paying for the repair or replacement!

For reference, for the 2019-20 school year, the cost of replacing a broken screen is $75 and the cost of replacing the whole Chromebook is $250 for the Dell models.  A replacement charger costs $45.

Please note that the insurance does NOT cover LOSS of the Chromebook or ANY costs relating to the power adapter (loss or damage).  A fine will be charged for a lost Chromebook or charger, equivalent to the replacement cost.

Repair Fees

Any repair costs not covered by insurance will be billed by the RBUSD IT Department when the repaired Chromebook is returned to Adams.  Repair fees may be brought to the Adams Library during normal opening hours.  Please make checks or money orders payable to "RBUSD" (sorry, no cash).