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Transitioning to Middle School

This is an exciting time and transitional stage for your child and you…and perhaps one full of nervousness and questions.  Totally okay and normal!  Here are some tips your School Counselors would like to share with you when talking with your child about becoming a 6th grader. 



1. Talk About It

Be sure to engage in conversations with your child and try to use open ended questions, such as “How are you feeling about being a 6th grader next year?” “What are you excited about?” “What are you nervous about?” Also, let your child know that you are available to chat about the transition.  It's also recommended to occasionally check in with him/her about this.  Even if he/she isn’t keen on talking, he/she will know you welcome the conversation should he/she feel the need since you've extended the invitation previously. 


2. Normalizing Their Feelings

Reminding him/her that feeling…excited, nervous, scared, unsure…is normal and that he/she is not alone in those feelings, and that his/her school counselor and parent/guardian are available to support to them if needed.  IF students want to meet with their counselor, they can request a check-in HERE


3. Attend as many events as you can!

There are a variety of events that Adams hosts to start getting incoming 6th graders acclimated with campus life as an Eagle.

- All About Adams Elementary Presentations, Early Spring: Principal, Assistant Principal and a School Counselor give presentations at every Elementary feeder school to go over what their 6th grade year will look like from the bell schedule, PE lockers, behavior expectations, cell phone policy, some challenges students may encounter along with solutions, to what sort of binder to use, programs to get involved with, and more!

- You Are Adams, Spring: Incoming 6th graders and parents have the opportunity to participate in a campus tour and attend a fun event in gym to get excited about becoming an Eagle!

- 6th Grade Registration, August: This is held one week before school starts.  Students and parents come to Adams on their grade level day to purchase PE clothes, an agenda, pick up text books, chromebook, and their schedule.

- Camp Adams, August:  This is a super fun orientation day for new Adams students only and is typically 4 hours long.  This is a GREAT opportunity for students to interact with and meet some of their new peers by participating in fun games hosted by our WEB program!


Spring 2020, AMS counselors, former Adams AP Mrs. Nakayama, and former Adams AP Mr. Estrada, were interviewed by Admin, Sara McMaster about the transition to Middle School and what would be good for parents/guardians to know.  Please click on the link below for the Podcast link “Essentials for Parents and Students Moving onto Middle School".