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Wellness Center

The Counseling Department is excited to share with you Adams' first Wellness Center!  Its doors officially opened Fall of 2022 but the dream and vision have been alive since 2015.  Since its opening, students, staff and parents have utilized this space to:
  • seek academic and emotional support
  • find their calm amidst their busy schedules
  • connect with their peers
  • develop coping strategies
  • participate in counseling workshops
  • attend parent education events
  • host guest speakers
  • engage in professional developments
The Wellness Center is a space for everyone and as such, we hold firm to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment.  We are open almost everyday during snack and lunch, select tutorials, and class time on Wednesdays.  With 2.5 School Counselors and possibly 1-2 Counseling Interns for a student body of 1000+, as you can imagine, we are constantly exploring creative ways to operate and fund the space.  How can you help?  We would appreciate any donations from our Wellness Center Amazon Wishlist and your support with advocating for more School Counselors.  Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Our mission to turn an empty classroom into a welcoming Wellness Center does not come without its expenses. Any and all donations will be gladly accepted and hugely appreciated - all items on our list are with the intention of providing more (more fun, more opportunities, more tools, etc.) for our students.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Join us in the Wellness Center during tutorial!  Sign-up for a workshop on Edficiency.