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Adams FC Sports

The Adams FC (Friends Coaching) Sports Group is a student leadership program for students on our campus that focuses on inclusivity through sports events. Student leaders are known as "coaches" as they work with and prepare their special needs SDC peer "athlete" for athletic events that coaches host.  Our coaches dedicate two days a week during tutorial to prepare for events.
Students interested can sign up for our tutorials through Edficiency throughout the year.  
Thursday Tutorials:  Coaches meeting (prep and plan for our practices and our monthly events)
Friday Tutorials:  Athlete practice (coaches work with our athletes)
This group was created to:
1. Provide opportunities for our SDC Athletes to participate in athletic activities designed by their general education peers.
2. Create an awareness and opportunity to our general education students to 
show that they can have a positive impact on their school community by 
showing kindness and compassion through inclusion outside of the classroom.
Inclusion, Kindness, Compassion & Care
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Jennell Tanaka
(310) 798-8636
Chris McBride

Jennifer Minich
Fundraising Coordinator
October:  Adams World Series
November: Kickball!
January: Super Bowl: Run, Pass, Punt
February: Dodgeball!
March: March Madness vs. RUHS FC Sports
April: Masters
May: TBD