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Symphonic Band

Symphonic band is intermediate to advance level group with all mixed grades, 6th-8th. It is largely composed with returning Adams students and incoming advance 6th graders. In this class, students are able to:
Flutes: Play two octaves Eb scales; play all range of the Flute with clear tone (no airy sound) and articulate notes correctly.
Clarinets: Play over the break with clear sound.
Alto Saxophones/Bari Saxophone: Play low C without honking, play up to high C without playing "thin" or out of tune. Play Eb and F scales in two octaves.
Tenor Saxophone: Play Bb, Ab in two octaves, hitting the low C and Bb. Tenors should be able to play C without honking.
Trumpets: Play Eb scale hitting the high F. 
Lower Brass: Play with full sound, Tuba can play low F to high F, Trombone/Baritone can play up to high C.
Percussion: All percussionist must be proficient in reading rhythm while maintaining steady tempo, and play Mallet Percussion.
Symphonic band sight read, rehearse and perform Grade level 2, 2.5 and 3 music.
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