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Symphonic Band

Symphonic band is intermediate to advance level group with all mixed grades, 6th-8th. It is largely composed with returning Adams students and incoming advance 6th graders. In this class, students are able to:
Flutes: Play two octaves Eb scales; play all range of the Flute with clear tone (no airy sound) and articulate notes correctly.
Clarinets: Play over the break with clear sound.
Alto Saxophones/Bari Saxophone: Play low C without honking, play up to high C without playing "thin" or out of tune. Play Eb and F scales in two octaves.
Tenor Saxophone: Play Bb, Ab in two octaves, hitting the low C and Bb. Tenors should be able to play C without honking.
Trumpets: Play Eb scale hitting the high F. 
Lower Brass: Play with full sound, Tuba can play low F to high F, Trombone/Baritone can play up to high C.
Percussion: All percussionist must be proficient in reading rhythm while maintaining steady tempo, and play Mallet Percussion.
Symphonic band sight read, rehearse and perform Grade level 2, 2.5 and 3 music.
Placement info:
Symphonic Band placement for new incoming 6th graders:
Concert Bb for Flute, Clarinet, and Lower Brass.
Concert Eb for Alto Saxophone and Trumpet.
In addition to your scale, prepare short solo song of your choice from the Red Traditional of Excellence book.
Arpeggios and 3rds are not required. You can find the scales on page 40-41 of your Red Tradition of Excellence book.
Incoming 6th graders must send a video of them playing their scale through google classroom. Follow the steps below:
1. Use the link to log into google classroom.
2. Sign up to google classroom. Click on join class,enter code: 55kwli5
3. Upload your video directly unto Google Classroom. Please include your full name on the title of the video. You can only submit 1 video per student,  make sure to submit it only when it's ready. Video should be no longer than 2 minutes. No need to use professional sound/video equipment. Cell phone camera or web cam is recommended.
4. If you prefer to audition in person, make an appointment using the link provided on google classroom.
All audition video and live audition deadline is Friday, April 20th
Uploading Video instructions:
1. Have somebody record your video on their smart phone.
2. Introduce yourself (first and last name) on the video
3. Record playing scale and solo song. 
4. Share video on your google drive account.
5. (Wait few minutes to upload onto google drive, depending on internet connection speed) upload it onto google drive.
6, Upload the video, title the video your first and last name.